Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Lights, Camera, Action

Yeah! Self- Portrait Tuesday!

Here is our Landmark in dainty little Santa Clara. Does Anyone Recognize it?

Well it is Jacob Hamblin's house. I posted about this when we had our famious So.Utah Flood a few years ago.

Jacob Hamblin Home & Museum
west of Santa Clara on Highway 91, 4.5 miles from St. George

~Here is a little history of Jacob Hamblin~
While leading an expedition against hostile Indians in 1853, Jacob and his men discovered that their guns would not fire. Through that experience Jacob learned that his calling was to be a messenger of peace to the Indians. Jacob became highly regarded as a peacemaker among the Indians of Utah and Arizona. One of his best-remembered accomplishments as a peacemaker was his negotiation of the Treaty of Fort Defiance, New Mexico, in November 1870. This treaty was instrumental in helping the settlers and the Indians live in peace.
Jacob also made nine missionary visits to the Hopi villages of northern Arizona. In the process he reopened the ancient Ute Crossing, or Crossing of the Fathers, on the Colorado River.

Jacob Hamblin, one of the earliest settlers of Santa Clara, constructed this home in 1862 with local red sandstone and ponderosa lumber from Pine Valley. It is still decorated with many original artifacts. This home was Jacob’s second after the first home was destroyed by a flood. The current home survived the flood of 2005. Summer hours are 9 am - 6 pm - Winter hours 9 am - 5 pm, daily Free admission.

A few Movies filmed in the St. George/ Santa Clara area:
Paul Jacobs and the Nuclear Gang, Broken Arrow, Jeramiah Johnson, The Flyboys (not Flyboys- the movie out now.)
The Conqueror, starring John Wayne as Ghengis Khan. It was widely rumored during the 1970s that over 50% of the cast and crew of this film (including Wayne and Agnes Morehead) had died of cancer within 20 years of making the film in the Utah desert outside of St. George. John Wayne did a lot of filming of his westerns in So. Utah.
But, The most famous: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, partially filmed in Grafton and Snow Canyon State Park.