Wednesday, April 04, 2007


So, I bet that everyone has been wondering- Where in the World is Sandi and her blog entries?!! Well as my blog has gotten longer it has been harder to view my blog with the dial-up. I finally convinced Matt that for $9 more a month we won't have to have the phone busy all day and have me sitting here for so long which will help me be more productive during the day.

Well, I was suppose to get high speed on Monday, but i don't have an extra cable connection since the satellite is using the only line we have. So, I had to buy a wireless card which is okay because now Matt can use it on his laptop too. Plus the company that had the only high speed connection option to our house was giving a free router with a year contract so that was an added bonus- sweet!!!!
So, here is to wonderful blogs, my wild thoughts and more keeping up with all the fun things going on in other great blogs! Watch out SPT here I come!

The Wonderful Baron Doppelgänger Device by Eric Bower

The Wonderful Baron Doppelganger Device By Eric Bower Illustrated by: Agnieszka Grochalska Publisher: Amberjack Publi...