Thursday, May 17, 2007

Which Disney Princess are You?

I have always wanted to be Ariel (or Alice in Wonderland- but she isn't a princess- darn!) and so it tickles me pink to know that this is the result of this cute little quiz. I found this one on one of Sharon's friend's blogs. Interestingly enough, the Austen entry was also on Sharon's friend's blog, but that one I got from a friend of mine. Hum? I am wondering do they know each other???!

At Fred Meyer, Matt's boss always told me that Matt looked like Prince Eric- funny enough I had thought so too, but with blond hair instead of black! I don't know if it is the jaw line or what, but he really does look like Eric,which was ironic since that was the first movie that Matt and I went and saw after we are married (or was it right before? Anyone know?) was The Little Mermaid. There I sat at the end of the movie bawling my eyes out because Ariel had to say goodbye to her dad, King Triton so that she could be human ( a whole new life- sort of like being from another planet???) and not being able to see her dad as much as she had before. I felt like Ariel, I was leaving the only people that I had ever loved and knew loved me and was leaving to live with the most important person in my life at that time- who seemed to live on a whole nother planet from what I had known growing up.

Like Ariel, I found out that life was good and that family means a lot and that parents would do anything for their children whether it was sacrificing everything to save them from the evils of the world or letting them go so that they can grow into who they were meant to be and begin their grownup lives. While Ariel lived on the land, she encountered new ideas, new experiences and realizing that you can acheive your dreams with a little help from your friends, your family and a good man. I found out the same things.

So like I said before, I am so glad that this quiz lead me to the one princess I have always wanted to be in my adult life-

Which Disney Princess Are You?


You're the fiery haired and headstrong daughter of King Triton. Ariel first came to surface in The Little Mermaid (1989)

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SPT- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (late for the reason of having faulty wireless connnections!)

I love this earth and so to me it would be horrible to have the sun shine a little less bright, the sky be a little less blue and the animals be a little less accessible to our world, so I hope that with this gift that Heavenly Father has given to us, (because that is what the earth is a gift of beauty [sometimes warped by the humans placed on it,] but beautiful anyway.) I hope it can stay beautiful and continue to help me be the happy person that I am so I do my share....

Lelly's challenge for April 24th was being Earth Friendly... I try to do all sorts of things so that I can be one with the environment. I reuse tons of cast off furniture (instead of buying new- which I have only done three times in the last 10 years- our bed, kyler's dresser and Mckenna's dresser.) shown are a few examples of my reuse of furniture.

Our bookcase is from Urban Renewal a great consignment shop in St. George. I really love this shop! I could buy all kinds of stuff from here if only I had tons of cash! They carry all kinds of decor, furniture, linens and paintings. The decor is my favorite.

Our computer desk maybe small but it sure has been handy. I am going to re stain it so that it is black with red accents, I think it will be really pretty. I received this from a friend that knows I love to make castoffs into something new. It was suppose to be for the kids, but the computer really did need a home first. Someday, the computer will have a bigger home, but for now this works great!

The wicker/glass table sitting on our back deck was bought at a Urban Renewal when we first bought the house. the chairs are not the most comfortable, but I really like the look of the whole arrangement on the deck. I am making cushions with already used fabric so that the chairs are easier to sit on.

The iron and the washboard are antiques that I found at the same store as the wicker table. I love the iron and it still works!!! It goes really well with the wall boarder that was already in the house when we moved in.

As with all previous pictures I also have decorated my front porch with wonderful finds at yet again---Urban renewal. The chair in the background (see Christmas entry,) was a new item from urban renewal but not the checkerboard that I got from their also nor was the nail barrel that I got off of eBay. But the best find of all- the free wicker bench that my friend Andrea gave me after I mentioned that I was looking for more wicker stuff for the outside of the house. She got this from a garage sale at the end when they were ready to throw things away. The wicker bench doesn't look sturdy, but it has held up to Matt sitting on it for hours at a time. Great deal huh?

This was a fun find at Matt's aunt Kathy's house. She was getting rid of the chair, I used it for awhile as a planter holder but then decided to turn a corner into a little of a rustic spot. The grapevine cost $1 at a garage sale!

Not only do I reuse decor, and furniture, I also recycle newspapers, plastic bags and cereal boxes. The cereal boxes we use to hold magazines. The local elementary school earns money recycling newspapers and plastic bags and printer cartridges so I save all that then bring them to the recycling drop off so that not only can they be reused, but it goes to help the school buy new library books, computer programs and other items that the PTA sees fit to buy.

Like I said before I love this earth and do as much as I can other thinks that I do; I try to keep the air conditioner or the heater off as much as I can, turn off lights, so that I can save electricity and natural gas. I open windows when ever I can so that I can have fresh air and sunlight in our house as often as it is not too warm, so that I don't have to use the overhead lights and I try to use earth friendly cleaning products so that I don't contaminate the water systems. But most of all I use all natural fibers in all our decor ( natural fiber carpets, wood products- not plastics,) natural landscapes usually from plants clipped from other's plants or given to me from friends who don't have a green thumb (inside and out,) but hate to trash the plants, I do this so that not only am I using natural resources, I am helping to keep the oxygen levels up in our house so that I can keep the family as healthy as possible, thus reducing the uses of medications, doctors visits and the all consuming money tree!

What do you do to be Earthy Friendly?

  • Do you recycle?
  • Do you like to reuse furniture and make it look new like I do?
  • Do you use natural cleaning products like vinegar, lemon juice and baking soda?

SPT- Smaller Than a Deck of Cards! (better late than never)

SPT Challenge: Show & Tell this week's challenge is to show & tell one of your most treasured items. the catch is (YES, there is a catch)... it must be smaller than a deck of cards! see? i told you it would be easy! fun, even!!

One of my most treasured items is my camera

Without my camera I will not be able to capture moments that I want to hold dear to me, for instance the birth of my children- what they looked like in those first precious moments of their lives. My fairytale wedding- the dress, the trappings, the happiness (and can I say GQ look,) in Matt's eyes when we had our pictures taken during our reception on the Jordan River Queen.

Numerous family gatherings such as Diana or Sharon's weddings, Kira when I was babysitting after Josh was born, Indigo and Kiara collecting shells on Sanibel Island. My parents and Mary during our trip to Disneyworld in January.

Mckenna, Kyler and Devin and their numerous accomplishments but more importantly those mundane things that turn into precious memories like going to the park, watching a parade, jumping on the trampoline or walking from the school to the car with your friends and looking mighty grown up for 10 years old.

These are things I want to hold on to, to keep in my memory, but I do know that so many will fad, that they will be come blurred with so many other memories that I might not be able to pull them out of my thoughts like the pensieve bowl that Dumbledore held his memories in. So pull out a family album, a baby scrapbook, a dancers keepsake, baseball journals, driver liscence test scrap pages and wander back into the world of the past, but also look forward to the new experiences that I will encounter and snap with that trusty Sony Camera and enjoy the "ahh, mom- do we have to take another picture?" comments from my kids, because the years go so fast and then in a blink they are full grown and you wonder where it all went.

This is my most treasured "deck of card" sized item....

Monday, May 14, 2007

Peter Cetera

For Mother's day Matt and his buddies decided to take their wives to see Peter Cetera at Tuacahn. What a great present. Jim didn't think it was a great idea, he had been roped into it by Matt and Eric! But, they knew that Trina would love going to see the concert and so off we went with all the gang.

Ahh, Peter Cetera! How many remember playing Chicago music all day long during their teenage years? I loved Chicago so much especially the record album Chicago 17! I don't think that I would have like Chicago if it hadn't have been for Peter Cetera's unique voice. It was distinctive (like Steve Perry, the lead singer of Journey or the lead singer of Stix.) I could have listened to Your The Inspiration over and over again. Hard Habit to Break was one of Matt andI songs on our wedding tape and Matt didn't even know who Chicago was!

Just a little tidbit of a song....enjoy
Here is the full version of this song if you are curious.... My Rhapsody Playlist

Peter looked good, older but still nice looking. He was very funny, but wasn't the best entertainer. I think it was because he wasn't feeling the love from the crowd. Most of the crowd were from his fan club and over the age of 50, mostly his fan club from the 70's. It was so cute, there was this older lady sitting in front of us, who when Peter walked onto the stage just started bawling, she cried during a whole song! Later, when he sang with his female back-up singer she started crying again! (he was singing his duet with Cher {the gal, at first sounded like Cher}.)

He had the Southwest Symphony performing backup, they were great especially since there was a huge wind storm and music kept flying off the stands. Peter said that during their practice the piano fell down, and all music was flying all over. He had his music clipped to his stand, it was very casual ~ his performance. When Sharon was announcing Kiara's coming into the world, she sent a tape (maybe it was Indigo's CD?) with Peter Cetera singing about his little girl growing up, I love that song- Best days of my life! He did not sing that song, nor Hard Habit to Break (i think that he couldn't sing all Chicago music since they are copyrighted or something- but he sang music from the Beatles and Davy Jones- go figuare?!!)

Before the concert, we went to the Outback and had a delicious steak, potato and strawberry lemonade. But the stories told at the table were even better than the food. Erik and Jim told about their trip to Moab. They always have such funny things happen to them! They also invited Matt to go with them next year, he really is excited about that we haven't been to Moab for 3 years!

I thought this was a great Mother's day gift! Thanks Matt (and kids)!!

Which Jane Austen heroine am I?

I have always wondered which Jane Austen heroine I was and this is what came back from this fun quiz that I found. You are Marianne Dashwood of Sense & Sensibility! You are impulsive, romantic, impatient, and perhaps a little to vocal in your honesty. You enjoy romantic poetry and novels, and play the pianoforte beautifully. To boot, your singing voice is captivating. You feel deeply, and love passionately.
Are you Marianne Dashwood? Lizzy Bennet? Fanny Price?
Why don't take the quiz and see!
I am Marianne Dashwood!