Tuesday, June 05, 2007

SPT~ The colors of my world

My favorite colors have always been red and yellow. I don't know if it is because they are so color coded to my personality or what, but they are the sunniest colors that I know and they permeate my house. Okay, let me clarify that, red permeates my house, with accents of black, white and greens. I would love to have yellow also going ga-ga throughout the house, but my sweet husband Matt can not for the life of him stomach yellow on walls, which drives me crazy, he is a very neutral man and I absolutely LOVE the richer, brighter colors of life. Which is probably why it took Matt 6 months before he would paint my kitchen walls red!

So wish that my house could be this color!

I guess you could say all seasons are my decorating colors, since the house is so varying in the color wheel but, for clothes I perfer fall colors, Deep brown reds, browns, black, blues, oranges (oh, rust orange is such a fabulous color, but way to out there for Matt to have in his house, so I save it for fall decor!)

The weird thing is that since I dyed my hair brown, I have actually been gravitating to more springy colors to wear, pinks, yellows etc... I think it is because I can now wear colors that won't make me look so drawn or tired, like they use to when my hair was blond. Red, though has always been a complimentary color to my skin type and so I wear a lot of red.