Wednesday, August 01, 2007

SPT - it's too darn hot!!!!

AHH So. Utah, lovely in the winter, spring and fall, but the summers are unbearable and this summer is the worst! Our family has been avoiding it like the plague because it has been in the 100's!

Boulder Mountain... This is such a great view and so serene, sorry the picture is so blurry but Matt was driving while I took the picture!

Last week we went camping at Posey Lake, Hiking at Calf Creek and wandering through the creek at Deer Creek!

Cattails at Calf Creek- They remind me of the 4th of july- when dad would use them to light the sparklers!

The kids at the Lower Calf Creek Falls, this was the middle of the hike, the hike was 6 miles long, 3 up, 3 down. If we had been smart we would have packed our lunches to the falls and not just water, but this was a beautiful respite to a very warm hike.


WARNING: Crazy fisherman
If you spot him beware, he is armed with flyrods, bait and a crazed look in his eye, last seen driving a personal water raft at Posey Lake.



This week I spent time with my sisters Sharon and Diana! We played WEII, Went to Liberty Park water area, hiked with the kids in Albion Basin and then I came home stayed in the Airconditioning safety of Church.

The water park at Liberty Park is a really neat place, it is based on the different water creeks throughout the wasatch moutains, Big & little cottonwood canyon, millcreek, city creek, etc...
I took pictures of it hoping that maybe one day the City of Santa Clara could incorporate something similar in the downtown area. Yes, i would like to help make the City more beautiful than it is starting to look. We already have a splash pad at the top of the heights, but a little water area down town would be fun too. Here is Mckenna modeling 2 year ago styles (we didn't know we would be going to water areas, so she used an old suit that we were giving to Kiara.) in the coolest place at Liberty Park, enjoy:

Ahh, here are a few familiar faces:


Today with our friends the Hunts, Mckenna and Matt and I drove up to the mountains and went Horse Backriding in the rain. I was really fun. Did I have my camera today? No! But I am hoping to get a copy of all the pictures my friend took since the Pine Valley area we went to was gorgeous!

*In two weeks we will be going to Lagoon in Salt Lake and then the kids are headed off to school, so we have to take advantage of the cooler areas of the state as much as we can!

I think the first two weeks of July we did a terrible job of keeping cool, Matt and I went to Las Vegas for our Anniversary- it was 114*s, then Kyler had All Star's (where they became the 13 year old State Champions,) and so we were in Cedar City where the first afternoon was very cool and cloudy, but the next 3 days were in the high 90's!

Kyler and two of his teammates after the game!

So I think that we did a great job of keeping cooler after that-- What do you think?