Saturday, September 15, 2007

Long Time Coming!!!

So here are two new pictures of me! One was taken at our school for the year book, and didn't cost a me a thing! I loves those kinds of orders- free!

But this one that has been a long time coming but not to be confused with another picture--- (which i can't find- i guess it is okay, since it is a horrible picture! you all know which one i am talking about * see below for description.)

Okay, so the full story: I have been sitting in a classroom for the last month and the last few weeks I have had horrendous headaches especially while sitting in Mrs. Mackey's science class. She uses the overhead projector a lot! This week I decided that I needed to have my eyes checked since I haven't had them checked since right after I had Devin and had that really scary family picture taken with Sharon and Diana for my parents! Sorry, mom and dad, but not my finest hour!

So, I went to the local vision center, where there were REALLY friendly people. The Doctor checked my eyes and I made a comment about how it had been a really long time since they were last checked and said something about now that I am getting older... and the doctor said yeah, a 25 year old is really old. I said, "no, I have a 16 year old, so I am pretty sure that I am not 25!" He gave me that shocked look, like I always get and then went on and on about how 29 is the top age he would have given me (don't worry, married man, return Missionary etc...) he asked me how old I looked when I had Devin- how old did I look when I got married, etc... then after the exam was over, he had all (i mean ALL) his staff guess my age- not a single one guessed over 29. I told them I can play that game at Lagoon where the kid has to guess your age, weight, etc and if he is wrong you get your money back and win a prize. and that I seem to always win the prize!

I had a really hard time picking out frames- I didn't want brown ones since they remind me of the old glasses i had, but I didn't want something that made me look old either. So like the vision clerk Adam said I wanted something that is fun like my personality. After the whole office tried to guess my age, I guess it was like we all became friends and had been for years! getting fashion advice from the ladies was like shopping with friends. It was really fun! When I called back to see if my glasses were done (in about an hour,) the girl that answered the phone Jen- called me by my first name without me even telling her who I was, I guess I have a voice that is unforgetable?!

So the picture shows what frames I picked out- I had a choice narrowed down to 3 but one pair was $400 and I knew that would never work; they were Versace' and really, really cute! So i ended up getting this pair. What is really weird is that you can't tell in the picture, but they are purple on the top of frame and sides with purple jewels on the side near lenses.