Tuesday, December 18, 2007

If the weather outside is frightful, then it's time to get a tree!!!

Let's talk about Christmas trees. Do you get a real tree or a fake tree? Do you buy a real tree from the tree farm, the local retail spot or go out in to the woods and hike for hours in the cold looking for that perfect tree?

Since Matt and I have been married we have only bought real trees, I really have to have the kind that smells outside in the woods and then smells for a few days inside in the house. The only reason they don't smell for more days is because you end up getting used to that scenty pine and it becomes, sad to say, taken for granted.

We have bought at the local retail shop like when we lived in Salt Lake city and in Florida, We have shopped at the tree farm as in our annual visit to the tree farm when we lived in Georgia (which by the way is my favorite way to find a tree- cold, but still close to home.) But since we have moved back to Utah and lived in the South we have gone into the mountains in hopes of finding that perfect tree! This year was no exception. We actually got to go to the mountains twice in search of the perfect tree but you will have to watch our family site for those stories. This is the 7th year of getting a nice out of the forest tree, but this is the first year that we actually froze really badly! Two years ago we went and took our good friends the Gali's. It had snowed the night before and yes, it was cold, but not like this time where we had to bundle up to the hilt. Okay, truthfully, it was only me bundled up to the hilt! Everyone else just bundled their hands.

I love getting our tree, but this year it was not as fun (okay fun, but could've been better,) as in the past. I guess it is because I really wanted to enjoy the day, get out spend time out in the woods, get that yummy hot chocolate brewing on our camp stove and then have some more fun. Maybe it was also because it was right after we had spent 3 hours at church and I was in desperate need for a nap, or maybe it was because it means that another year has come and gone and I am getting older, but whatever the reason, it wasn't the best tree hunting time had by me. The kids had fun, Matt had fun and I not so much.

But get the tree we did, decorate the tree we did the next day and smell the heady pine I am!

I hope that everyone enjoys whatever tree hunting they do, even if it means getting the tree out of a box, throwing on some ornaments and turning on the lights! Because the best is yet to come....