Wednesday, November 12, 2008

4 Days Spent with My Sweetie

So Last week I got back from spending 4 wonderful days with Matt. Man, do i miss that guy! I can't wait to get to Florida!

Some of you should be proud of me- even though we got to Ocala at 2:30 in the morning Sunday we still went to Church at 9:00 a.m.- I know I am nuts, but I needed to check out the 1st ward because that is the boundary that we are going to be living in. They were so friendly and nice,but not as nice as the man that I met after church whom took Matt and I for a 4 hour visit around Ocala and then out to dinner even though by then I was getting to drop off my chair. Mr. Fred Roberts is the epitome of Southern Hospitality and the proof that chivalry is not dead! He was so nice.and I could see why Matt had taken an instant liking to him! The next day He took us with his boys and daughter in law to the UF basketball game (preseason- Diana.)

It was really hard to sit through that game- i so wanted to start cheering GO NOLES when I just couldn't take the Gator chop or fight song anymore. But as Matt told me, I better get use to it, we are 30 min away from Gainsville and most of Ocala are Gator Fans. Wow- my FSU flag will be flying proud no matter if we are 30 min away or not! (yes, that would be my fiesty, don't really care to have to keep up with the Jones's attitude- Dad.)

We went to the two High Schools on Monday (one the boundry high and the other a private Catholic school,) and also meet with one of Fred's realtors who showed me houses Tuesday. Marny was super nice and her girls are Kyler and Devin's age so we hit it right off the bat. We started out with about 30 homes and finally after 1 1/2 days of looking (the next day Matt went with us,) we narrowed it down to 5 homes.

I so need to sell my house so that I can move into another house because if I don't I end up moving into the apartment that Matt is living in right now! I spent Wednesday (while Matt was at work,) cleaning for 4 hours! 2 of those hours were spent cleaning the kitchen. Dishes, cabinets and mostly the grossest, dirtiest floor..... Here is what it looked like before I cleaned- you decide it if it is hideous?!

But the best part of the whole trip was just being around Matt and learning about all his experiences while we have been apart! He truly is an amazing person and has come so far from the first day I met him. I love ya babe!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

West Wing Continued

I forgot to tell you the most amazing thing about this episode is, is that it is actually filmed LIVE! Yes, it was scripted and at some parts they have Teleprompers, but these two amazing actors actually do this in front of a live audience and so they actually could have really messed up couldn't they have? The writer actually wanted it to feel like a real debate and so actually made it that way- Sweet huh?

I will stop with the boring details now, but I thought it was kind of cool.


I was running on the Treadmill this morning and came across This episode of the West Wing. Yes, I loved the West Wing when it first ran on T.V. not only because Yummy Rob Lowe was on it but also because of how President Bartlett ran the presidency.

While watching this episode I had this nagging thought- why can't we as "real" American's expect a debate like this one?
The candidates discussed what they stood for, they stated their plans so much more clear than our presidential candidates we are voting for in the next week. If a t.v. show can dream it up why can't the real speech writers actually come up with this?

I love how the mediator, Forrest Sawyer (real newsman,) handles the candidates- they can argue but then he reigns them in to refocus them back onto the issues at hand. But, I also love how the candidates (especially Alan Alda,) reign themselves back in and then apologize for getting out of hand.

Episode 7 of Season 7 of "The West Wing," entitled The Debate was aired Nov. 6, 2005.

Why, oh, why, can't it work this way now??? Doesn't this actually make you feel secure on what the candidates can actually do in their presidency? not the guess work that we are doing now?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Guess, who's Coming to Dinner

Yesterday while i was on my treadmill, i watch a great movie on AMC. It stars, Spencer Tracey, Katheryn Hepburn, Katherine Houghton and Sydney Poitier. I've always loved movies with Tracy and Hepburn, but I absolutely think that Poitier does a phenomenal job in this movie also!
Two things I didn't know about this movie- which I found on Wikipedia was:
1.)Spencer Tracy was dying and insurance companies refused to cover him; Kramer and Hepburn put their salaries in escrow so that if he died, filming could be completed with another actor. The filming schedule was altered to accommodate Tracy's failing health.

The film was also memorable for being the last on-screen pairing of Tracy and Hepburn (Tracy died seventeen days after filming ended). In Tracy's final speech of the film, Hepburn's tears were real—they both knew that this would be the last line of his last film, that he had not much longer to live. Hepburn never saw the completed film; she said the memories of Tracy were too painful. The film was released in December 1967, six months after his death. [1] Seeing this movie- i would have had no idea that Spencer Tracy was dying, because he looks and sounds so healthy!

and 2.) The original version of this film that played in theaters in 1967 contained the sarcastic one-liner "The Reverend Martin Luther King!", issued by the sassy black maid Tillie in response to the question, "Guess who's coming to dinner?", which is the key line of dialogue from which the film got its title. However, after the assassination of Martin Luther King on April 4, 1968, this line was removed from the film, so by August 1968, almost all theater showings of this film had this line omitted. As early as 1969, the line was restored to many but not most prints, and the line was preserved in the VHS and DVD versions of the film as well. On AMC the line was restored.
This scene is my most favorite scene in the whole movie, but there are so many wonderful scenes! But this one really resonated with me. I love how Tracy and Hepburn look at each other when he is talking about how he feels about her- now knowing the background it means even more to me.
After you watch it- let me know what you first thought about while watching this clip.? Enjoy...

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Wonder of Facebook!

Facebook Icons

FACEBOOK- what is it do you ask? Well, for me it is a connection to the past, the present and the future.

I joined FACEBOOK in hopes of keeping in touch with those of my friends who live in the immediate vacinity of my life in Santa Clara, and found that I could also have a blast from the past!

How do you say? Well, how many people do you know really ever talk to high school friends without going to a school reunion? Yes, there are those few who stay in touch with their best friends throughout their lives, but usually you move, you get married or you just have not enough time to stay in touch. Well, that is where FACEBOOK comes in handy!

I have "talked" with friends from our Sharpsburg ward in Georgia- mom's of darling little girls who went to preschool and kindergarten with Kyler. Friends from FSU that have moved all over the nation and then headed back to Tallahassee! And then Old friends from the Chevy Chase Hood that might not have ever reconnected since I never know when the reunions are since we have ended up moving so much!

But also, i have gotten to know a few of the "younger" friends who have done plays with Devin, danced with Mckenna or just hang out with Kyler. This is a great place to meet new and old friends and break away for a few minutes or hours- especially at night when you can't sleep because you are missing your best friend in the whole world- your darling Husband who has gone on to Florida ahead of you while you are trying to sell the house and straighten out the old life in Santa Clara. It's a great distraction!!

So, Thankyou to whom ever created FACEBOOK- oh that would be Mark Zuckerberg ! Thankyou to my near and dear and those who have entered back into my life and added another facet of joy.

To all of you I say "let the talk begin!"

Facebook Graphics

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Grapes of Wrath and misc...

So, I am reading the Grapes of Wrath- I forgot how detailed this book is and I love it! I am only into the 3 chapter and I have forgotten so much of the story that it is like reading it for the first time. I've also forgotten how many swear words are in it too. I guess that is why it was put on the banned list of books for awhile huh?

Mckenna and I have been participating in our last SGMT event. She is dancing and I am acting in Ghost Tours. here is a pic of her (ofcourse i am taking pic and i don't have a costume perse so no shot of me....)
I haven't been able to sleep very well in the last few weeks and since finding a few friends on facebook yesterday i have been up way too late, so I am planning on finishing another chapter of the Grape of Wrath and heading off to bed. Night!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

October General Conference 2008

Yesterday, I watched all of both sessions of General Conference! Wow, aren't you proud of me?
I am really loving the talks, I always take a lot of notes when I am watching conference (or Sunday School for that matter,) I like to read the Ensign conference Issue and see if I actually feel the same way that I did when I was taking notes.
Seeing Elder Wirthlin was so hard for me- I think that out of all the General Authorities I love to listen to him the most! He is so personable. He reminds me of a little boy in a man's body and maybe that is why he is so endearing to me, but I love his stories of his childhood, but also the fact that those stories teach you Gospel principles. It was sad to see him so old and having to sit in a chair, but I mean after all he is the oldest living Apostle! The only reason I feel sad is for selfish reasons, it just means that we only have so many talks left from him and then there will be no more!

I really loved the talk by Elder Corbridge. It was so eye opening for me!
I think my favorite talk though Saturday was from President Monson. He talked about not just enduring by enjoying the journey. Interestingly enough President Hinkley gave a very similiar talk once to the Relief Society- i only know this because I have a tile sitting on my piano that andrea gave me for christmas one year.
I loved that he talked about how fast time goes and how change is the one constant in your life.
Kyler watched Saturday's afternoon session and so he was able to listen to this talk with me, we got into a conversation about how this move is our change and that he can grow with it and not be afraid. I know that he was really listening to the talk and even though he pretended I was torturing him.
Today's sessions were once again as good as yesterday's talks. We all watched today's session in our pajamas, I guess we were all really comfy because for part of the afternoon session the kids napped. i got sleepy but really wanted to hear the talks, which is probably why i had to rewind a thousand times cause I would miss stuff. We had cinnamon rolls and chocolate milk for breakfast and colored in coloring books during the time we watched. (well, I didn't I took notes, I think I started a color page and didn't finish!)
Later on the in the evening we chocolate chunk cookies, and then ate them while watching the Redsox/Angels game. I am exhausted, the game went into extra innings and the Angels won, but we wanted the Redsox to win, so I am saying goodbye!!!

Oh, How Lovely Was The Morning!

Yesterday, it rained and rained and rained! Homecoming for Snow Canyon High School was yesterday so of course it would rain. Last year it rained, last year Devin's group did a scavenger hunt in the rain! This year they did a scavenger hunt in the rain! Last year they had steak and baked potatoes- this year they have Olive Garden Fettuccine Alfredo, bread sticks and salad served at a most beautiful location, but not the one that was originally planned for at the Brower residence. Originally it was to be held on our deck with sparkly lights, tikki torches and a gorgeous view, instead because of the rain, they got this....

It's still beautiful though- no?

The last group of girls that the boys took to a dance were so quiet at the dinner table, but this group was fun, happy and very used to being with each other. I love those kind of groups, they make for a more fun event.

Here is the group eating dinner. I didn't get individual pictures or group pictures because I was the one hosting the dinner. I think that I like having it at our house, but having someone else in charge of being the hostess. Luckily, Jessie's mom Nola took tons of pictures and I will have her send copies to me so that I can give you a great shot of Devin and his date Aliza!

Okay, so on to the title of this entry.

I woke up this morning after only 6 hours of sleep which means that I am still very tired. This is because I can't sleep in my lonely room, I miss Matt. I miss knowing that at some part of the day he will drive into the drive way and walk through the door. I actually, saw a green Ford F-150 yesterday coming out of our friends neighborhood while I was driving Mckenna to Maddie's and thought it might be Matt! What an idiot! Last night when Devin came home from the Homecoming dance, the garage opened and the Honda pulled in and I secretly wanted it to be Matt having driven back to Utah- seriously, What an idiot!

I have not been away from Matt like Lisahas been from her husband-( a year or so, but that is her doing,) but it seems like forever even though it has only been 4 days! I don't want to miss out on the Devin's Senior Year, but emotionally, physically and spiritually, I am ready to move on. To cross over the threshold to our new life. Does that make sense?

Okay, so I kind of meandered off the path of the title.

Oh, how lovely was the morning,
radiant beamed the sun above,
Bees were humming, sweet birds singing,
Music ringing through the grove.

This is the view that I woke up to a beautiful Sunday Morning 90 minutes before General Conference morning session!

I was so in awe of the view that I tried to capture it on camera, but you can't capture the smell (something akin to what I imagine the Quakies in the Sacred Grove would have smelled like- fresh, clean, full of the smell of sunshine and warmth even though it was in the middle of the Grove.) You can't capture the feel of the fresh air on your skin or the brilliance of the sun, but I hope it captured a little of it! I also, saw that my candle, Florida sand centerpiece was soaking wet, which was really cool, because the sand looked just like what it does when it rains in North Redington Beach, which is where I got the sand. I can't wait to see first hand the greying look of wet sand on the shore, to feel it as a beautiful white dry powder! Okay, I am having beach cravings terribly.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Beehives Here We Come!

Well, as many of you know, Life is a changen at the Brower House! So why not add to my list of change the fact that Mckenna is 12, which means that she is now in Young Womens! Where in the world has the time gone?

Not only is Mckenna going to be a Beehive, but low and behold- she now will have me as her Beehive Counselor! Yes, that is right- I have just been put in as the 2nd counselor of our Young Women's program!

Is the Bishopric nuts- don't they know that we are moving? Yes, they know and so did the Young Women President to-be, but that didn't stop them from asking or me from accepting the calling. They each told me they would take me for as long as I was living here even if that is only for a few weeks. That was so touching to me!

I love Young Women's and this will be my second stint as a 2nd counselor(the first time was my first calling ever in Cape Coral!) now, don't be confused, I have been
1st counselor in Tallahassee and Sharpsburg- Mia Maid advisor and Beehive advisor in Tallahassee and Laurel advisor in Sharpsburg, so why not start over again and come full circle? I am very exciting for this calling, but will also miss teaching my Mia Maid girls- who are so awesome!

Before Mckenna turned twelve our ward had STANDARDS NIGHT. This is where you have a nice dinner (we had salad, bowtie pasta and blond brownies with Ice cream,) and then a program. We had a panel of laurels that answered questions that the girls had submitted. The older girls did awesome answering the questions, the other girls asked some really poignant questions that I thought were very relevant to today's dating scene. Mckenna was invited to go since it was 4 days before her birthday! I think that she enjoyed it.

I thought it was really neat that Mckenna has the YW theme almost memorized! During the opening part of the program and on Sunday the girls recite a theme of the overall church yw program. She only had a few words she couldn't say. I asked her when she had learned it and she said that she read it in the Personal Progress book that she received in her welcome packet. I thought that was crazy since she had looked at it at bedtime! What a quick learner she is!!

I am excited to have this calling, to bond even more with Mckenna and see where this calling takes me. I know that some challenging but fulfilling things are coming my way!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Which sports car are you?

I saw this on sharon's blog and since she tried it, I decided to also!

You believe in maximum performance and minimum baggage. You like to travel light and fast, hit the corners hard, and dance like there's no tomorrow.

"Take the Which Sports Car Are You? quiz.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Rest of House finished!

So, i just posted about our dining room being finished and Matt working on the Living room, boy has that living room given us so much grief! Matt has painted it 4 different colors because the first color washed out the red,

the second color Keith said was fighting for attention with the red in the dining room-

it sure was a pretty color,

Actually, I really loved it! But with the comments being made we decided to do a different color and so we decided on a yellow sunny color since it matches the feel of the house,

but Matt was worried about it and painted the room the color of the clash color. Well it came down to looking like this for awhile and the staircase still white with a cream streak to it, since i wanted to see what the cream would look like!

Finally, it all looked like this:

Kitchen inspires Dining Room...

So A while ago, I showed pictures of the finished Kitchen now, we are on to the before pictures of the dining room AND the finished Pictures. I am so excited cuz now the Kitchen and the Dining Room are done and Matt is starting the Living Room!!!

About the time that Matt was finishing the Dining Room he had my friends come over to give their opinion on the color that I had picked out for the Living room and the family room- what he doesn't trust my opinion?! Anyway, being my friends, they encouraged him to the color I had already picked ( i guess that is called coercion- or is it finagling your husband? I don't do that but Andrea is not worried about that when she is dealing with someone elses husband especially when it comes to decorating the house!- Thanks Andi!)

So are you ready to see the before and after pictures of the D.R? Here we go!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Confessions of a Shopaholic Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella

My review

At first I thought I would hate the book, it seemed to be so repeatative of the type of story line of the Devil Wears Prada. But I actually liked the book, and am willing to read more of the series. It made me think about how I don't want to get into the troubles that Becky Bloomwood got into with her shopaholic ways. Boy, could i really do that, I love shopping, when Matt decided that he was going to paint the house, I decided that it would be great because I could totally go out and buy new curtains, pillows for the couch, decor to tie all the colors into each other so that the rooms would flow! I also thought man, would it be nice if I could get a new family room set, and a few comfy chairs for the living room?! AH... the love of shopping but thank goodness there is a person such as Matt in my house because he brought me back to reality!!! maybe some picture frames and curtains is what he suggested, but nothing else.... for now.... did he really say for now???! Cool, that means there can be a later!!! :)

Okay in all seriousness, I learned that Becky when she does hit rock bottom bounces to so much of a higher level that it is all good in the end and makes you want to live more of your life not just being stagnant but reaching to your best potential. Hummm,I wonder what that is!? That is something that I might have to think about.

Maybe you all could give some great suggestions if you know me well!! Well, what are you waiting for?

Thursday, August 07, 2008

SYTYCD Day before and Finale!!!

Well, tomorrow is the big day- who will win? Will it be Joshua, Twitch, Katie or Courtney? Who did you vote for? We watched it a little later, so Mckenna was scrambling to get to the phone after we finished watching so that she could put in her 50 votes for one of those amazing hiphoppers! Well, okay so she voted for the one that could do everything- hum which one was told that. Do you remember?

Needless to say, every single one of the dancers this season were amazing in their genre, but even more amazing was the fact that after the first 10 left the top 10 were more amazing than any of the dancers from the last 2 years (sorry, to those of you that loved travis, danny and benji or sabre because i loved danny and travis too,) they just were more driven! But what is the 4real thing all about? Does it bother anyone that they keep doing the upside down m on there shoulders. I haven't seen the website to see what it means so I guess i should check it out, but it's way to overdone! okay, so i just checked it out and supposeable it was an inside joke between comfort, will, joshua and twitch about this being season 4. something like that....

so, I guess this actually didn't publish- bummer.

Well, the big day is here. So--- I'm curious.... did who you thought should win, win? why don't you share how you feel about America's choice. Come one give me an earfull!

Kenna and I were very excited for Joshua!
But, I am also disappointed to an extent! I loved that he was in a daze, but wonderful Twitch was so adorable with Joshua when he won, and it seemed that Joshua was so into his shock that he didn't even acknowledge Twitch at all- I felt so bad for Twitch! But of course there always has to be a runner up. Seriously, it is just he was so kind and sweet to everyone else, i really wanted someone besides Cat to be the one to give him a hug. do you know what I mean?

Well, we can't always get what we want can we?

Sunday, August 03, 2008

What do you say? Agree or Disagree?

So, one day i was listening to Jack johnson radio on Pandora and this song came on so I ordered it since i really loved the message. Kenna is in love with the Konichi-wa part, so yesterday as I was listening to it on a burned CD in my car, i decided I wanted to see Michael Franti's video.

It is very interesting, not exactly what i thought he would do for the video, but here it is....

Here are a few facts about Michael Franti and the Spearheads (his band.)

Michael Franti (born April 21, 1966, in Oakland, California) is an American poet, musician, and composer of African, American Indian, Irish, French, and German descent.[1] Franti is the creator and lead vocalist of Michael Franti & Spearhead, a band that blends hip hop with a variety of other styles including funk, reggae, jazz, folk, and rock. He is also an outspoken supporter for a wide spectrum of peace and social justice issues.

Whether you agree with him or not, (which i am not sure yet how i feel) but the music is still reggae catchy and very thought provoking enough to make me really think about what my stand is on what I believe about this whole iraqi and afganistan war issue.

So if this intrigues you checkout more of his videos on youtube especially TIME TO GO HOME, 8 YR OLD'S LETTER TO THE PRESIDENT (on Frantiv,) and I'M NOT ALONE. but checkout the other videos or songs also...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Computer on the Glitch!

I will not be updating this blog for a while. What? I really haven't anyway right? But I am in the middle of finding a new one, faster, smarter and oh, so easier to use!

Wish me luck!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Following in her mommy's steps....

The Inevetable has happened- Mckenna has been bit by the photography bug! I knew with all of her camera escapades with my cameras that eventually she would need her own camera and so for Christmas I talked Matt into that being her big present!
She has taken some great pictures with her little sony cyber-shot so we have decided that she needs to have her own little blog... so here it is: enjoy!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Snow Days and Drill Teams

Last week I took Mckenna to the State Drill Team Competitions. It was suppose to be for us to be able to watch Terra finally dance since this is her last year in high school, but wouldn't you know it- Kearns High didn't make it to the competitions this year. Such a Bummer.
So, it was then, a get ready for Competition season foray, to watch Snow Canyon and Dixie compete. I cancelled us participating on the trip the week before going because i just decided that it wasn't a necessary trip ,but then 2 days before everyone was leaving i decided i needed to go; to see Diana, and just to get out of Dodge! It was a good thing I went!

Since we were also planning on visiting Diana I was going to drive seperately and Heather and Camrey would drive in their car, but then at the last minute we ended up driving all together so whenever the team went we had to go since i was driving some of the participants.... I guess with all the funereal activities for President Hinckley Diana was going to do and us driving and such, it just didn't go as planned! Sorry D!

We watched the high school teams; Dixie rocked the Military Division (but didn't place-which was weird. Snow Canyon did okay but placed higher than Dixie and I thought Dixie was better- i guess with judges it is all symantics,) we went shopping, we ate out at PF Changs (for lunch,)it was yummy! But the biggest eye opener was the fact that i didn't know that 4 teenagers could spend so much money when they had so little space to take things home in! For example; Saturday night we went to Wal-mart to get sweats for their annual decorating team sweats and jersey party. But with the superbowl the next day and the fact that we did have 4 teenagers and 2 pretweens who love stores, we were at Walmart for almost 3 hours! They bought so much stuff!

I am so glad that Mckenna is a girl because i love shopping with her and for her, but i am also glad that i only have one of her because the 4 we were with at times were driving me crazy! They had already driven the other 2 adults nuts to the extent that they didn't want to be with them anymore, but being in a strange area you can't just emotionally shut down like the other two adults did. I guess the other thing is that these teenagers are Kyler's friends, so i felt a little responsible for them, maybe more than the other adults because we have a deeper connection. They spend time at my house, they ask constantly for advice, one of the girls was Kyler's first crush and girlfriend in sixth grade (yes, they think that they are going out- where i don't know- because no one can drive. i mean, they don't spend time with each other except for in class and most of the time were too shy to even talk to each other except through notes- so how can they be "going out?!") and so i ended up doing alot with them and for them that i might not have necessarily done had Mckel not gotten tired of them!

THEN......Sunday.... and time to go home! And Low and Behold! Here came the drastic SNOW!
The lady at the Hotel counter told me that morning that 2 cars had driven to Nephi only to turn around because it was so bad! So, I called Matt and asked for his advice. Then i called the Utah Road Conditions phone line and heard message after message about this road being icy and snowy, this road being layered with snow and snowing. Then I got the times for the big storms to hit in each area we were driving in and I decided that I had no time to dally and had to make a decision quick! I mean do I try to attempt to go home or stay in Provo and wait until it blows over? I talked to the other two ladies, they wanted to drive home. Well, that is fine, since Mckel had 4 wheel drive, but i was driving my honda and it for sure doesn't have 4 wheel drive, just front wheel drive and that wouldn't do me any darn good in a snow storm, so I in my infinite wisdome called Matt again and asked his advice.

Now, one tidbit of background: Matt has never been wrong about any gut feeling that he has had or when he points out to me that usually my instincts are correctand I should follow them. So, I know for sure that I darn well better follow those feelings! But dealing with other peoples personalities is always a struggle for me, because i don't want to hurt other's feelings, or even come off as forcing the issuse, but when he told me not to attempt to come home and that he was going to pay for all of us to cram into a hotel room and pay for food, i knew what I had to do! It all came down to convincing the other 2 adults that Mckel shouldn't drive with any of those kids she was responsible for in her car. Two of the girls wanted to go home no matter what- the other two's parents didn't want them to risk it! Heather is a school teacher and she was really pushing to leave since she didn't have a subplan done- I told Mckel that if she wanted to leave with the 2 girls and Heather and her daughter and leave the other 2 girls with me and Mckenna then that was up to her ,but that Matt had never been wrong. I also told her that if i was the other 2 girls parents I would be very upset if I had found out that an attempt to go home happened and there was a huge- I mean HUGE risk of sitting on the side of the road in Beaver/Fillmore/Scipio waiting for a snow storm to pass.

After 45 minutes of pushing the envelope on discussions of what should be done (which was crazy to me since he had already checked out of the hotel and were in their lobby!) Mckel decided that she was going to stick with me and keep the group together. Heather called her mother-in-law and asked if we could stay in her basement in Murray since it has bedrooms that she and Mckel could escape too! I was willing to stick it out with the older girls and not have a bedroom even though Heather offered me one. I just knew the girls would be uncomfortable with Heather staying in the family room area since they didn't really know her. It was a good thing we stayed and hunkered down for the night because it was the worst snowstorm that anyone had seen in a decade in Southern Utah (yes, even more than night before the big flood happended!)

Matt called me and told me it had started Hailing while we were driving up to Murray. It was flurrying at Pt. of the Mountain and semi slick so it was a good example to the girls and the other ladies of how the drive south would have been. Then about an hour after we were settled in for the afternoon, Matt called and said it was snowing! Then Devin in the evening sent us a picture over my cell phone with the craziest sight- at his friends house it was 6 inches of snow and still snowing! Then next morning he sent a picture from his bedroom window and their was a foot of snow in our backyard!

I will never ever doubt Matt's feelings on any given subject! I realize that the reason i decided to go on this trip after i had decided not to was for 2 reasons. One, i really needed a break-but also helped a few girls understand the protection of mother's when it comes to their boys and dating .But, the biggest one of all! Mckel and Heather would have tried to drive home during a very, very bad storm and would have followed that storm all the way home! Lindsey's parents were up in the Cedar Mts. when the storm had just started. What normally takes 45 minutes to drive to get home took them 3 hours! So, i really feel that I was put in that situation to be the grown-up and make the hard decisions and not anything anyone else could say will convince me otherwise!

We did have a lot of fun though while we were tucked into the basement of Camry's very nice grandparents! (who by the way one of them works as a Church missionary in the Conference center and was very tired because she had been working during the view and funereal of President Hinckley and preparing tickets for General Conference!) I was so excited about this part of the trip because we got to watch the original Annie (i love that version- Carol Burnett is classic Ms. Hannigan!)

I decided that the highlights of the trip were playing games, Mckenna and Camry getting to be better friends, me getting to know Heather better and being able to help the "4th wheel" to the 3 muskarettes when she was going through a very bad case of nerves and homesickness! You know me- I love to play shrink or solve a problem when it comes to kids!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Wisdom From A Loving Prophet and a fond goodbye til we meet again!

Last night I received a text from my sweet friend Heather with the message that President Gordon B. Hinckley had passed away. I had to have her confirm to me where she had heard this since I was not willing to take her words at first. Then I realized that if President Hinckley had really passed away I was very happy because that meant that he was finally back with his Sweet Marjorie! I shed a few tears, but mostly i am thankful that our world has been blessed with such a man to lead our Church, to fill this life with an outlook of love, happiness and humor!

In my official journal,which I have not written in it for over 4 years, because I also have a gratitude journal, a scripture journal and this wonderful blog and the family blog, so writing in the hard covered journal hasn't happened forever, last night i figuared that what I was feeling about our Prophet's passing needed to be put down in a permanent place, so that I could look back at it when need be. What I didn't realize was that 2 entries before was my feelings on Sister Hinckley's passing! On the day that Sister Hinckley passed away I had the week before started reading her book "Glimpses into the heart of Marjorie Pay Hinckley," and our book club was going to be meeting the next day to discuss it, so it was with sadness in our hearts that we said goodbye to an incredible lady who so felt like a grandma with the closeness that I felt about her after reading her book.

Forward to today... I can say the same thing about President Hinckley, but to a more personal feeling of sadness since He was more accessable to all of us at all conference meetings, regional stake conferences and anytime he dedicated a temple or talked to reporters- he made us feel as if he belonged to all of us as a family member does!

After watching the news and the short synopsis of his life on KSL, I realized that even though we've heard the messages that he has given to us over numerous talks and knowing that he was the "temple" president, the "humorous" president, the "grandfatherly loving" president was the fact that i at the moment couldn't remember a single thing that he had talked about except for the 6 Be's. What was wrong with me?! He was a general authority for longer than I have been alive, He has been the only Prophet that my children can remember and he has had the most impact in all of our lives as adults- so why can I not remember anything? AHHH..... so, I made a goal to read all i could to remind me of what he had taught us. First thing was to started reading a little book that my mom had given me for Christmas 1 year ago. I had glanced through it and was looking for a quote that i remembered seeing. The book i am reading is called "One Bright Hope- a message for women from Gordon B. Hinckley." I have decided that again i might need to read President Hinckley's biography written by Sheri Dew. I actually read it last year and also "Standing for Something," so I know I have many facts, feelings and memories of this dear man, and yet, still at a loss for a definitive idea of what he has taught.

So, sorry, got side tracked! back to the book I am reading.... I had wanted to find the thought for my sister Diana- because it had helped me at a time in my life when I needed it and when the book came and I found the quote again, i was reminded of how much it bouyed me up and BINGO- there was my thought of President Hinckley- it didn't matter where he was, what he was doing or who he was with- HE ALWAYS BOUYED YOU UP!

Here is the Quote: "Rise to the great potential within you. I do not ask that you reach beyond your capacity. I hope that you will not nag yourselves with thoughts of failure. I hope you will not try to set goals far beyond your capacity to achieve. I hope you will simply do what you can do in the best way you know how. If you do so, you will witness miracles come to pass."

What I love the most about this quote is that President Hinckley figuaritively speaking to me was letting me know that I need to strive to reach my potential, but if I stumble on the way I should not make myself feel like a failure, I should just get up and try again! He also made me feel as though even as we are on our paths and trying to reach perfection that we were not to feel as if without the perfection we are nothing... it is not the 'Perfection in a day' attitude we need to have, but the joy of the journey, the perfection that we are to have when our time has come to return to our Father in Heaven. I believe that is what President Hinckley was trying to tell us all.

Another side track: Devin recieved a text last night from about 24 people that asked everyone to wear church dress to school... I thought that was really neat until I went to school and talked to a few of my students. One of them said that they had started the text to all the kids in our area. Now, whether they passed a forward from friends from other areas or not, or they were really the start to the whole tribute to President Hinckley was not really my concern. What I cared about was how touched these 11 and 12 year olds had been about President Hinckley's passing. I still believe that the youth are so spiritual compared to the time that I was 12! I know that President Hinckley had a special place held in his heart for all the Youth from my years of being in Young Women and teaching Sunday School for this very age group, but I forget sometimes that they in return really do listen to adults that "get" them. I know that President Hinckley really did get them!

When I first recieved my calling as a 12 year old Sunday School teacher (so long ago,) it always bugged me in my idealistic 23 years of life on earth, that people would just use the word "teenager" as if it was a curse word-expecially since my feeling has always been that we are all "teenagers," when it comes to the Gospel- we all listen and then rebel, then try to do harder and then forget our goals and slid a little from our path and then hopefully bounce back onto the right path, And we are always forgiven just like what we should do with the youth we deal with. So, President Hinckley always made me feel as if these Young people should be treated with the utmost respect since they would be the next generation to lead our Church. The kids in our area who showed this tribute to our Prophet really did today show me that what I had learned and try to remember from President Hinckley is true- they are the "royal generation!"
* Interesting tid bit: Eyewitness News did talk to AT&T and Verizon, and indeed they saw a significant spike in cell phone data transmissions last night starting at around 8 p.m. It's how this generation communicates, and it came together like never before.

Final thought:

As we sorrow for the passing of this Great Man may we follow not only all those things that he has taught us with the help of the Holy Ghost ( because, really, that is what drew us to him in the first place the strong Spiritual love that was given to him and exuded out of his whole being. The love that he felt for our Elder Brother Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father and the Prophet Joseph Smith.) but may we remember this sentiment from him." The Gospel is a thing of joy. It provides us with a reason for gladness. Of course there are times of sorrow. Of course there are hours of concern and anxiety. We all Worry. But the Lord has told us to lift our hearts and rejoice."

We should remember that it is okay to have sorrow for the world's loss of our dear Prophet, but may we also find joy and rejoice with the knowledge that this world is better off because Gordon Bitner Hinckley was in it and that he lived his life the way we all should- with an eye single to the glory of God!

Good bye dear loved one- God be with us all til we meet again!