Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Guess, who's Coming to Dinner

Yesterday while i was on my treadmill, i watch a great movie on AMC. It stars, Spencer Tracey, Katheryn Hepburn, Katherine Houghton and Sydney Poitier. I've always loved movies with Tracy and Hepburn, but I absolutely think that Poitier does a phenomenal job in this movie also!
Two things I didn't know about this movie- which I found on Wikipedia was:
1.)Spencer Tracy was dying and insurance companies refused to cover him; Kramer and Hepburn put their salaries in escrow so that if he died, filming could be completed with another actor. The filming schedule was altered to accommodate Tracy's failing health.

The film was also memorable for being the last on-screen pairing of Tracy and Hepburn (Tracy died seventeen days after filming ended). In Tracy's final speech of the film, Hepburn's tears were real—they both knew that this would be the last line of his last film, that he had not much longer to live. Hepburn never saw the completed film; she said the memories of Tracy were too painful. The film was released in December 1967, six months after his death. [1] Seeing this movie- i would have had no idea that Spencer Tracy was dying, because he looks and sounds so healthy!

and 2.) The original version of this film that played in theaters in 1967 contained the sarcastic one-liner "The Reverend Martin Luther King!", issued by the sassy black maid Tillie in response to the question, "Guess who's coming to dinner?", which is the key line of dialogue from which the film got its title. However, after the assassination of Martin Luther King on April 4, 1968, this line was removed from the film, so by August 1968, almost all theater showings of this film had this line omitted. As early as 1969, the line was restored to many but not most prints, and the line was preserved in the VHS and DVD versions of the film as well. On AMC the line was restored.
This scene is my most favorite scene in the whole movie, but there are so many wonderful scenes! But this one really resonated with me. I love how Tracy and Hepburn look at each other when he is talking about how he feels about her- now knowing the background it means even more to me.
After you watch it- let me know what you first thought about while watching this clip.? Enjoy...