Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I was running on the Treadmill this morning and came across This episode of the West Wing. Yes, I loved the West Wing when it first ran on T.V. not only because Yummy Rob Lowe was on it but also because of how President Bartlett ran the presidency.

While watching this episode I had this nagging thought- why can't we as "real" American's expect a debate like this one?
The candidates discussed what they stood for, they stated their plans so much more clear than our presidential candidates we are voting for in the next week. If a t.v. show can dream it up why can't the real speech writers actually come up with this?

I love how the mediator, Forrest Sawyer (real newsman,) handles the candidates- they can argue but then he reigns them in to refocus them back onto the issues at hand. But, I also love how the candidates (especially Alan Alda,) reign themselves back in and then apologize for getting out of hand.

Episode 7 of Season 7 of "The West Wing," entitled The Debate was aired Nov. 6, 2005.

Why, oh, why, can't it work this way now??? Doesn't this actually make you feel secure on what the candidates can actually do in their presidency? not the guess work that we are doing now?