Thursday, April 30, 2009

Annoying songs- Isn't it amazing what a difference it can make to have someone else sing a song?

I really get bugged when this song comes on the radio. I can't change the channel fast enough before I start rolling my eyes. But Mandy Moore actually makes it beautiful! I mean, she has a beautiful voice is really talented, she sings the lyrics so simply that you actually hear how good they really are! Mandy actually has been around since she was 15. Who can forget her in A WALK TO REMEMBER? Usually her music was sortof Teen-Pop, like on the movie PRINCESS DIARIES, I have heard bits and pieces of her latest music and she is a far cry from where she started. Google her if you like.

Here is Rihanna's Umbrella. I love her voice, the only problem, is you just keep hearing- ella, ella, a,a,aa... You don't really know that the lyrics are quite good because of the darn chorus! Yes, the tune is catchier when it is faster, but there is just something so much more brilliant about the song as sung by Mandy. Well, you decided and let me know what you think...