Saturday, May 16, 2009

The countdown begins...

So, tonight marks the countdown of T-minus 5 to blast off of the Brower family orbit to Graduation planet! What the crap?!!! I seriously remember graduation for me and the wonderful outcome that my graduation present brought to my life.

For graduation my parents gave me a VCR bought at the store I had worked at since I turned 16! Yes, it was my first job. I worked at Fred Meyer on Van Winkle expressway in Salt Lake. The job was good to me but, the purchase of that VCR was even better... This was the first step to a wonderful and fulfilling life with my husband Matt. If it wasn't for that graduation gift, I don't think that I would have been shopping for any movies to watch on that machine and Matt wouldn't have spent 4 hours getting up the nerve to ask me out! Graduation was the end of May, the gift given, the movie searched for the first of June and the first date- right after I turned 18. Without that VCR there would be no Devin and this is originally what this post is about so I guess I digress.

How in the world, can I remember MY graduation like it was yesterday and be faced with Devin's graduation (my little baby boy who cried with devil eyes, and la's so very tiny and sweet...) on Friday? How can this be?
What planet have I really been living on that time can fly so fast, that I face another turn in the universe of this precious boy and watch with eager eyes the choices he will make, the man that he is becoming, the education he will chose to continue with and the beautiful girl he will make part of our family some time in yes, this realm of my life.

I have for a little brief time the opportunity to have him continue in my orbit. He will come to Florida 2 days after we, his loving family, leave Utah and Santa Clara for maybe a very long time and then I don't know what he will chose, when he will start to comandante his own shuttle and blast off to a whole new world of his own. But as long as I have him, I am going to totally enjoy every second I can get.

I now know a little taste of what my parents may have felt to let me blast off and hook my star to another stars orbit and start this whole wonderful journey. It truely is a bitter sweet flight!