Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Christmas and Yards

What is it about Christmas that inspires people who dont necessarily keep their yards clear of trash, lawn's mowed or entrances cleaned who beautify their yards but still don't do decorations to do what they do?

I love that they do this, Christmas (or the Holiday season,) is a the beginning of a cleansing of the soul, a start to a new year, a shot at making the world a better place for another 365 days!

My yard( and house, well not today,) is so clean, the lights are put up, the windows are sparkling and the world (mine,) has a fresh new look and feel! It makes me feel happy, it makes me feel organized (even if it isn't,) yes, it even makes me love the cold weather that we have right now. I know- if you know me at all that is something to rejoice at!

Here are some pictures representing our decorations inside and out. Yes, inside decor might not be exciting, but it has been documented by me for years and I am not missing this year either. Enjoy!!!

The Bishop's Wife (1947)

The other day I was watching the movie The Bishop's Wife and the end of the movie really touched me and so I really wanted to share the last 3 minutes of this movie with my friends and family.
We all say we celebrate Christmas( whether we believe in a religion or not,) that we know what the season is really about and yes, people are more friendly, more loving, more charitable during the Christmas season, but what about the rest of the year?!
The message that the Bishop gives is so poignant. It reminds us of what we miss or don't miss during our celebration of the season, but do we continually remember the other stocking throughout the rest of the year? Do we share the spirit of the Christmas with other's during the rest of the year?
If not, why not? What is stopping us from truly being Christlike? What is it that stops us from truly loving other's and treating other's as our brother's and sister's? If you don't know the answer, get down on your knees and communicate with him who can help you with the question. Fulfill that answer by "doing" what you are answered, Love truly is an action verb and words do help other's feel that love, but action through our example is even more proof that we are striving to be Christ-like.
If you are one that doesn't believe in the Savior ask yourself this- What is preventing you from just being more loving and kind to fellow human beings that you are in contact with? What is wrong with trusting other's even if they are not in your general circle of life. If we all treated other's the way we want to be, then the world would be a truly better place!

May this Holiday be a time where you "Pay it forward," and help make the world more friendly, but don't forget to carry that out to the rest of next year.
I love you all,