Monday, May 10, 2010

From Provo to Santa Clara, Utah

So, I was privileged enough to be able to go to BYU's Women's conference, Visit with my sister Diana and her family, watch Maddie Dance with Lisa, meet and spend time holding, McKel's beautiful little boy Ryder and then go with Lisa down to Santa Clara to spend time with my dear oldest boy Devin!
These Posts will be split up into certain activities here is my day 1 and 2 recap.

~Day 1~
Diana came and got me at the Salt Lake Airport which, by the way, I hadn't been to since we came home from Matt's interview in Ocala for the job that he is doing now- that was a year and 9 months ago! I can't believe that he has been working for Ocala for almost that long!
Anyway, Diana came up with her cute little dude Josh. He is so cute! He is such a quiet little soul but I did get him to talk "a lot" yes, it is what I do... get people to talk no matter if they want to OR not! ;0)

Lou and Kira came home from their daytime activities- Lou- Work and Kira, School and we hung out for a little while.

We went and had delish Nicololitalia Pizza (which yes, was very close to NY!!!) the guys there are from Boston and so the pizza place is decorated with a ton of Redsox stuff and Boston Paraphernalia... Very cool

~Day 2~
Lou stayed home he wasn't feeling good, and so we had fun...
We went to Ikea in Salt Lake... somewhere I had never been (there is one in Orlando. and now that I have been, Matt is in very much trouble! haha) and fell in love with some of their room displays and a particular wall entertainment center and bed for Kyler!
Kira's birthday was the next day so I had told her that I wanted her to pick out a special birthday present from me and Uncle Matt. So, we (all of us,) went to Target after she went to school and dance. While waiting for Kira we all went to Deseret Book! I miss Deseret Book (and any Utah library for that matter with it's church book selections.) We had fun there. Yes, as a book fanatic, you can have fun at any book store, but it might not be fun for the people who don't like to read, so you will just have to take my word for it, I had fun!

Finally- we went to Target... We went the long way, Kira was wondering where we were going. We didn't tell her we were going to Target, just started driving home from her dance studio. But smarty that she and Josh are, they knew that they weren't going the right way and that it really was far away from home. I just kept telling them that we were going for a looong drive and it was going to take hours to get there! ha ha

She picked out the funnest My Little Pony toy. It was a pink car with a mommy and baby horse and some picnic supplies. We played with it when we got home.

Aren't my Niece and Nephew adorable?