Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Grocery Shopping and my little sister Diana

Today, I clipped coupons and went shopping at Publix! I love Publix, they have the best sugarfree Moosetracks frozen Yogurt! Plus, their Boar's head Golden Chicken Breast is to die for!  Guess What?!  I ended up saving from their BOGO and use of those clipped coupons... $102!  I have felt that our grocery budget of $500 is too restrictive, but if all goes as planned, I will have stuck straight to that budget with maybe pennies left over!  I think that is a cause for a Woot woot as my Natalia Hunt would say!

The biggest smile today came from Google talk while talking to my little sister Diana. Boy, do I miss her. She has the flu, which is so sad, because it is a beautiful fall day in Provo, but I guess that means I was lucky to have her all to myself for a little while (until the dumb computer froze and I lost her. Sorry, Diana!!!)

She is an amazing seamstress... She has adorable children and she is so kind and helpful to those who she cares about, and yet... she loves BYU Football (boo,) she loves the Jazz (okay I will give you that,) and she does an amazing job writing about said Jazz on her blogposts on Jazzbot!  Diana- I love you!