Thursday, July 07, 2011

Pintrest and I are in love…

Have you ever heard of Pintrest?  I had heard broken whispers, but never really knew what the big deal was, until I decided to post the question to

Curious- what the heck is PINTREST?!

and go an answer from the darling Aliza Randall aka the great giggle girl. because there can never been enough GG girls in my life…

    • Aliza Randall It's really great Sandi! I'm kind of obsessed with it right now! I think you would love it too! If you want an invite let me know!

      June 12 at 7:53pm · Like

  • Sandi Lynn Field Brower Aliza- YES please?!!! I want to See what the rave is all about!

Aliza sent me an invite and this is what I saw…


and dang was I heaven!  No more, having to save images and ideas to the computer taking up precious gbites or annoying Matt with my many CD’s of hobbies and wants… now it is all tucked nicely into it’s proverbial website bed!  I love how I feel like curling up in this site and just dream of the amazingness of it all.. Now, I can go and drool, get ideas and be inspired by someone else’s amazing photography talents without searching for so long. someone else has found the website and I can visit if I choose or not…

This is one of my favorite picture(s) that was found on Pintrest- I want to have this in my room, I want to have it as a skin for my laptop or iPhone… It is amazing. It is the epitome of my dream life- Except that it would also have a ton of books mingled in with the flowers in that basket.

bicycle with tulips      IMG_0039[1]


If you love creativeness--- you need to go there and sign up…  enjoy