Thursday, November 17, 2011

Procrastination: What have you learned from this?

Anyone who knew me as a child or young adult knows that I am a chronic procrastinator- it thrills me to no end to have the rush of producing a great piece of work In the wee hours of the night or breaking dawn- which is more of a sleepless night situation not waking up early like most folks (someday I might just listen to Big Ben Franklin and try the Early to bed- Early to rise suggestion but that's for another day's discussion)!

This past week has been no exception. I started out very early in the plan and implementation stage of writing my American Nation Government paper. Borrowed books from the college library in mid October and that led to reading like a fiend on everything about Lyndon B. Johnson whom I didn't know anything about as a president (except that he came off as cruel after J.F.K died making Jackie stand on Airforce One to be present at his Oath of Office). While doing that reading I was also speed reading for more information on the New Deal of F.D.R. which I knew about from reading books in the past on him and his wife Eleanor.
Needless to say, I thought I was pacing myself fairly well.

Speed forward to Tuesday and Wednesday of this week- I had written 1200 words of my required 2500 word or 10 page paper and had stalled on what more to say... This for me is maddening because when am I short of word usage?

I ended up having Matt read over those 1200 words and playing with scenarios in my head about what angle I could take to extend the paper, when nothing- I mean nothing presented itself. So, I walked away from it until Tuesday evening... 1500 words, 2000- then nothing again. Matt re-reads, makes grammar corrections and I edit what needs to be fixed still 400 words short and I need to close the darn thing but after class that day we were told we couldn't end with a quote and that did me in. I had my closing in my head which had a quote and now I am being told this can't be done?!

Argumentative as I am, I approach Professor Thompson and give him my many reasons for being stalled on the paper and what the situation was. I was informed that I was not the type of student he was worrying about with the quote quota and so I was given permission to write my ending with a short quote as planned!

Wednesday night- 400 words still short! Paper due tomorrow morning 11 a.m. man things were not going my way. When all of a sudden @ 1 a.m. it hits me and I type furiously and find out I have 2705 words! I wake Matt up (he was a trooper,)to have him edit the paper and I finish with 2568 words and 4 sentences over 10 pages...
paper uploaded to a website that checks for plagiarism and the hard copy printed out with complete bibliography and I am off to lalaland.- yeah right; my brain will not shut off and now I am thinking of other things Is should've added to the paper. Geez why is my brain always so brilliant at the worst times? Well, it's turned in and there is nothing I can do about it now. I am resigned to getting a B on my paper. We will see how I really fare...

-This is how I feel today.