Tuesday, April 30, 2013

College Awaits...

Packing Day has arrived. 

As excited as I am to see what paths will open up for Kyler, it is such a bitter sweet day because I am going to miss this kid immensely. Even though he is such a quiet guy, he keeps me in stitches with his humor and his ability to repeat the lines to any movie he has ever seen since he was 3 years old. His smile has the ability to make everyone cheer up just by seeing it sneak across his face. It is contagious. He is kind and loyal and gorgeous. I mean have you seen him? The girls had better beware!

He is going to be attending Dixie State University. He will be in an area that he feels comfortable in. He has a few friends in St. George that are not on a mission and will soon be having a few return home. Tyler (our nephew,) is going to be returning to Dixie in the fall and they are going to room together. Not only will he be getting a great education and following in his brother's footsteps as a Rebel (or Patriot [now]) but he is in Utah and that makes him happy. 

I want Kyler to be happy. The last four years have been a struggle for him in many ways and this is a good step for him. He is in charge of his own life but has a few "home" plates he can go to if he needs a little bit of familiarity like the Ritchie's, the Griffin's or the Hunt's house.
Devin and Aliza are moving to Las Vegas, Nevada after they get married which is far enough away but close enough when Kyler needs his brother so that's an option also.  

But for the next few months I don't have to say goodbye, so I will enjoy him as long as I can. If your in St. George or Santa Clara you are some lucky ducky people to be able to hang around this kid because he is awesome!

Love ya Ky!

Pictures from L to R:
Kyler's stuff. I don't know where he is going to put all his stuff in his apartment;  Kenna and I pretending to be happy to get his room and get him out of the house and yet, Kenna knows she is now going to be the only one home and is sad about that. She definitely will miss Kyler;  Unearthing his clothes from his dresser, the ones he hardly ever wore but thinks he needs.