Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Library Time and a Killer Deal on Books in the Marion County Library Book Market

I haven't been to the library for over 6 months. Isn't that crazy?  I guess, part of it has been because I was doing reading for school. The other reason would be that I have a million books on my IPad and have been completely obsessed with reading the fan fiction spin off of Harry Potter. Yet, I missed the feel of paper between my fingers and the smell of books located in an old building only a library or a second hand book store could provide.  I watched this short of Johnny Carson interviewing George Burns on his "almost" 100 years of living and I was intrigued to find out more about Mr. Burns. I remember watching episodes of Burns and Allen and also Oh, God and thinking how cute this naughty, funny man was. So, I grabbed a Biography of his that he wrote about his time in Hollywood and those people he acted and was friends with.  It will be fun to read the gossip on his acting friends.

I also wanted to read The Casual Vacancy by J.K.Rowland but had heard that it wasn't so good and I didn't want to ruin my opinion on the genius that Ms. Rowland is.  Even as I was checking out the book at the front counter the Librarian told me not to read it because it just wasn't good. I decided that just like I don't like to be dissuaded by someone's opinion on other people before I meet them. I wanted to read the book and decide for myself. I am also looking forward to Ms. Rowland's Mystery Cuckoo's Calling which she wrote under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith. 
The other books are just choices that I had on my Goodread's list instead of the books I really went to go get. This all because our library doesn't carry the books I really wanted to read.

What an eclectic mix of Library book.
Have you read any of them?

New books to read and place in my bookshelf 
until I sell them to the second hand book store.

Except for the hard covered book ($4),
all the other books were a dollar. Score!