Friday, September 20, 2013

Fraternizing Fridays: I Want to be a Cowboy.

She grabs on to his shoulders, jumps up, and snuggles into the back of his neck. He walks down the pine needle strewn path towards the concrete winding half pipe slide. She isn't sure if she really should have asked for a piggy back ride. He hadn't refused, so that was a good sign.  The silence is awkward and it's killing her to have nothing to talk about. She wonders what he is thinking. He doesn't talk much; he's a great listener. This makes him even more handsome, than just his chisel- jawed face; his thick-blond hair; and his tall, muscular frame.

To fill the silence she starts looking around for something to talk to him about. She sees a crowd of cowboys standing in line in front of them. She starts laughing uncontrollably. For some reason she thinks it's hilarious ~ a crowd of cowboys waiting in line for the thrill of riding down an alpine slide. It isn't like they are in Florida and cowboys are rare, they are in the mountains, in Utah. 

So, why is it so funny?

Her jovial attitude adds to the frustration of the silence. He doesn't laugh with her when she whispers about them in his ear. She sighs, and tries again to bring a smile to his face. This time by singing.  She always ends up doing that when she is feeling uncomfortable with a situation.  At the top of her lungs she sings, "I want to be a cow[girl]boy, and you can be my cow[boy]girl."  

All the cowboys turn around and stare at her. Then, they look at him, the guy that is giving her the piggyback ride. The one that they think should be controlling his girl. He glances up at her appalled by her brassy, loudness.  He has never met a girl like this before and he doesn't know what to do with her sometimes. He doesn't know what to say to her. He is scared she will realize he isn't as exciting as she thinks he is. 

She slides off his back and stands next to him silently... 

Have you ever had such a day as the one described above? 
This happens to be the most embarrassing moment of MY life. 

What makes it worse is the fact that it is also Matt and I's first date. What an impression I must of made. Me, the first girl he EVER asked out in HIS life. I have to say though, the date was a good one. We rode the Alpine Slide in Park City and then drove down the canyon to Sugar House Park for dinner at dusk.  

I still can't believe that he continued to date me...