Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Self Portrait Tuesday~ Putting Your Best Foot Forward!

So, I just ran across Diana's blog on Self Portrait Tuesday and had to research it out. Jill spread this challenge but a gal named Lelly came up with this idea and put it out for all to do and so I am taking it.
The Topic for Today is:
Putting your best foot forward!

Well, that is a great one since Friday I received a call from one of the Relief Society Presidency and was asked to make an arrangement of "Faith in Every Footstep" but worded to honor our 6 R.S. Presidents in our Ward (current and past!)

You may be wondering why in the world would they choose me? That is something that I wondered since we have about 6 very talented song writers in our ward. Well, I asked the question and this is what Darby said, "It is that Joseph Smith play you did for Christmas 2 years ago. It impressed everyone so much, that we know that you can do this and will follow through." Blast that Play- no, just kidding. I am honored to be asked to do this, but I am also terrified! Not only do I have to arrange the music, but also get a group together to sing for our R.S. Birthday party which is March 20th. That is not so much time and again I say, I am terrified!

I have been feeling very selfish lately and had prayed about being used to help others, this isn't exactly what I planned on, but if it is what is wanted of me and is going to enlarge my spirit and help me walk with "Faith," than that is all that I want to do right now.

So, I am going to put my best foot forward, trust in the Heavenly help that I am asking for and running with it.

This is what I have outlined so far to do;
Ask around about the special strong points of each Presidents reign, put it into simple words, with each verse having one president.
I have already rewritten the first line, but it needs a little smoothing.

But here goes, I bow down on both knees, I take scriptures in hand and with two feet Jump right in!

Sunday, February 25, 2007


Anyone who knows me knows that I love the sound of water; a babbling brook, the waves breaking on the shore, a waterfall, the outside sprinklers & even the drip drop of an indoor water faucet, so when we went to Gunlock Resevoir I was in seventh heaven! The babbling of the Santa Clara River was so calming & so peaceful that it makes me want to have a brook in the back of my yard, but since we live on a hillside that is out of the question- it might just help us end up on the bottom of the gully instead. So, I got to thinking, hummn, what about a nice self contained water fountain that looks old fashion (you know like a whiskey barrel and old copper faucet,) and set near the corner of our firepit (still in the building stages) wouldn't that be great?

My parents and sister Sharon are so lucky! Sharon has the calm of the bay, but my parents are the luckiest of all! They have a bay and the beach! Oh, to have that luxury would be my dream come true!

But alas, Matt is a winter sport boy and I am a calm, warm weather person. Maybe when Matt retires we will have a home in the winter in Park City(or somewhere else,) and then also a home in Florida for the warmth! Doubt it, but it is nice to dream and scheme about it!
So my thought is this; since I can't have the beach, or the brook and don't have the money for the fountain right now since we are in the middle of finishing the firepit, painting the kitchen, pulling out hedges in the front and replacing them with a wild assortment of roses, plus the annual seeding of the grass (as to why we do this- ask Matt the quails always eat the seed anyway, those darn birds!) I will drive to Gunlock (only 20 minutes away,) bring a chair, snacks, water and a good book, read for awhile, hike for awhile (it is mostly flat terrain,) and soak in the sound of that lovely water. I also want to take the kids to Pinevalley with a picnic basket, some sketch pads and soak up the sound of the lake and the wildlife there also. Doesn't that sound fun?
Where is your favorite place to be?
What do you love the sound of?
Have any ideas on how to keep the bird from eating our grass seed, besides shooting them?

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A Basic Kitchen Remodel- Paint

I pulled the old wallpaper down in the kitchen listening to big band era music and war bond commercials, so now that it is down what color to paint it?

Red- well, that is my favorite color- but under the chair rail in the dining room it is going to be red.
Blue- well, maybe but will it look okay?
Green- I really like this idea in a sage - not 100% sure, so, what about Tan? Nope, not tan, that is too close to the counter tops and cabinets and that is going to be above the chair rail in the dining room. Matt and I can't agree on a color- he likes cool colors, I like warm! With such light cabinets it has to be a warm color but which one?

So what does everyone think I should paint it?
Do you have any vision of decorating and painting ideas when it is your house?

Monday, February 19, 2007

Bathrooms- The Bane of My Existence!

Why is cleaning my bathroom such a pain for me? I seem to never get that darn shower door clean to what it was like when we moved in!

I have tried window cleaner(with grease remover,) shower cleaner, soap scum cleaner and to now avail!

But finally, Lisa and i walked into her house when she was deciding if she wanted to move into it our not and low and behold there was the cleanest shower door I had ever seen! We asked the lady how she got her doors so clean and she said she had a cleaning lady. Well! I wasn't about to hire some cleaning lady that I would have to pay top dollar for and so I have questioned tons of people on what works for them. Everything they mentioned didn't work for me, maybe because it is 2 years of soap scum, I don't know, i just know it didn't work.
Well, while I was babysitting this past month for one of the police officers in our city while he and his wife were at the hospital having a baby I ran into that lady that Lisa bought her house from- here is her big secret!

She uses: a non scratching green scrubbing pad! Yes, that is all she does different than me! She uses the same type of cleaner, uses a squeege like I do, but, she sprays on the cleaner and then scrubs away until it is clear and clean! Boy, what a different that made for me!

I use a lavendar smelling shower cleaner from Target, use the scrubbing pad, rinse it off, squeege and bam! the spots are gone! But now just to cover my bases I am also using a daily shower cleaner just to save me some time between deep cleans and so far so good.

So here are the questions:
What has worked for you?
Do you like to clean the bathroom?
What household job is the bane of your existence?

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Kick off to another area of my Life

Well, here is my attempt at deeping my life
and sharing feelings that have nothing to do
with our family life.

I will also be posting fun projects that I am
doing that hopefully will help me to add an
element of fullfillment and richness to my life!

Enjoy the Ride!