Tuesday, April 17, 2007

SPT- $100 Virtual Tax Refund

The Challenge:
The very nice taxman (who is happy that you filed your taxes!) has given you a $100.00 'virtual' refund. you can 'spend' this money to update one item in your wardrobe.what item do you choose? is it a favorite pair of every-day jeans that have gotten so faded they need to be replaced? do you need a new skirt because you've lost weight since last spring? how about exercise outfits? new shoes? a funky top for date night?are you clothes savvy? or clothes shy? do you buy multiple versions of the same shirts in every color? do you buy 'outfits' or do you mix-n-match separates? what's the oldest item of clothing you have that you simply can't part with? will you blow the $100.00 on one fabulous item, or will you be combing the clearance racks?? don't forget, the 'virtual' refund is just for you!! indulge yourself!

Interestingly enough, I actually fulfilled this challenge but not virtually! Usually, I never buy clothes unless there is I have a weight change or my clothes just get too ratty looking. This is NOT one of those times. I don't shop clearance very often unless it is some thing that is really screaming out to me, I do buy on store sales though and this IS one of those times! One of my favorite stores Christensen's Department store a local store was having a sale and I also had coupons, so I didn't even get close to the virtual limit. SWEET!

I had felt I needed a few items to add to my wardrobe when I was Easter shopping and so I picked out some really nice clothes but then they didn't fit, so, Yesterday I returned the items and this is what I ended up with;

I really think that this shirt will be absolutley adorable with a pair of really nice fitting jeans- if only I could find those kind of Jeans that don't cost a mint or are too low waisted! Does anyone else feel that all the jeans are too low and that a plumber is the only one that should wear them!!???

I want to wear this to a night on the town with my hubby who always looks nice, but I feel like a little boy because I am always wearing cuffed boy looking jeans. Oh, the trauma of finding a good fitting pair of jeans, or even a nice denim capri that fits me the way they should! I mean, why do capri's have to fit me like floods instead of at the proper calf length?!!!

I absolutley adore this green hoodie! Matt thinks that I should DI it since it is so old, but I love it, it is comfortable, and it is a good SNOW CANYON HIGH color. This is a throw back item from high school and it is the oldest item of clothing that I own! I refuse to get rid of it since it is still in really good shape and has provided many warm days for baseball view or hiking with the family.

Okay, we were told to find one item, but I failed to follow those rules. I mean, I have been looking for the perfect skirt that I could wear with my killer shoes, and finally I found it! I bought the shoes while shopping with my friends at Target and didn't have a single thing to go with them but decided I had to have them (they were such a great price- $10!) They remind me of Marianne's shirt on Gilligan's Island. I think with a pair of jeans, capri's or this skirt and a white collared shirt they are going to look awesome. I can't wait to wear them tomorrow just for the fun of it!

Even though we were asked to splurge on ourselves, I would have really loved to buy some curtains for my kitchen window instead! I love turning our house into a comfortable home, that my family loves to hangout in. This is my biggest shopping joy, to turn bare from boring to fantastic, so I look for those perfect curtains, I keep searching for those perfect backyard chairs to go around our fire pit while entertaining and yet, I still smile on the great splurge that i did get to do for myself in the honor of the "virtual" indulgences!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

SPT- "In Your Easter Bonnet"

I think that my sisters and I were probably the only girls in our neighborhood that wore Easter Bonnets, maybe it was because our parents loved the movie Easter Parade; starring Judy Garland and Fred Astaire. (just a little trivia question- does anyone know who was really suppose to star as the leading man role in this movie?)

I think it is because we loved to dress up as little kids. Sharon still loves to wear pretty skirts at all hours of the days and I think Diana and I just want to be comfortable. I really actually would love to wear pretty skirts at all hours of the day too, but don't like how I feel in them so I wear them when going out with my hot date each Friday night

The crappy thing about this Easter is that I didn't get any pictures of our family in our Easter Finest. I had a bit of a problem at church and had to go home and promptly change out of my Easter outfit. And the kids couldn't strip off the dressy clothes fast enough. "Hey, Mom can change so can we". that was their rationale. I really wanted an update picture of the family not just for this spotlight, but because I usually do this every Easter and it was time!

Easter is full of tradition in our family on the secular side; we have a an edible trail that leads to the kid's hidden basket by - this year big peanut m&m's. Some years it is jelly beans or gold fish. The kids told us this year that they wanted the gold fish back. so, picky!

The numerous bunnies that are continually munching on our grass roots are supposeably watching our kids for Peter Rabbit, and let him know if they are deserving of the hidden eggs that year. We decorate eggs by poking holes in the eggs and blow out the liquid (which we use for breakfast on Easter Morning; not this year- it was Fast Sunday.) and then painting with dye, puff paint and funny words. This year it was all dance related for Mckenna- "shut-up and dance," "dance your self silly" etc.. The boys didn't decorate eggs for the first time ever and it was really sad for me to realize they just didn't want to be bothered or are just getting older and just don't enjoy it anymore.

Each girl in our family gets a new outfit and the boys get new ties. This year kenna and I each got a white eyelet skirt and a cute top. The boys got a purple and blue tie and since Devin is growing so fast he also got the added bonus of new navy dress pants. Matt didn't get a tie since he won't wear pastels and loves his presidential suits, so he just looked good.
Maybe I will make everyone dress up and just take the picture and pretend it was Easter. Is that horrible?
Have a happy day!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Plays Well with Other's-SPT

I think that I play well with others, but I sometimes get too caught up in the wanting to be home with my husband when he is home mode that we don't get to play too much together with other friends.. being that my family are my best friends ever!!

I am so bummed, right after this spt idea came up (which by the way is 1 week behind since i was stuck in dial-up land), we had a great bbq at our house to break in the new fire pit and backyard decor, but I forgot to take pictures, AHHH!!!!

We don't have too many activities at our house because I have such a hard time with planning time for these fun social outings. I am gung ho on going to the movies and dinner with our friends which ends up being about 1x a month, but socializing at our house is far and in between. I am such a social person, but my husband socializes for a living and so he wants his family at our house for peace and quiet. After this bbq though, I think that he has realized what a great down time having friends over can be! Plus, What is the point of having a great huge backyard, badmitten, tramp, croquet and a firepit if there is no laughter in the backyard?

We and our friends had a blast talking about wild things that we did in highschool- wow, i did not know that we had such rebellious friends- jumping cars off curbs and cracking the oil tank was one thing. Getting sent to Disney Jail was another, so informative!

These certain friends are my husband's be a little boy and play tricks on each other friends- the ones who decorate a toilet florescent orange and stick it on our front lawn because florida state is ranked 18th during part of the Footbal season last fall, putting wooden cows on our lawn during the city Swiss Days festival, because our husbands like to raze each other- they are just pure fun.
Their wives are my let's get together and redecorate our houses friends. Michelle is a fantastic cook and interior decorator, if she says paint it- Matt says when... I say yippee! Trina is the quietest of us all, but still we have fun and unfortunately was with her mother and couldn't come. bummer

Andi who is one of my best friends is the "LETS GO SHOPPING and talk on the phone for ages friend, who makes me laugh like no other!!! She is so like Lorelei Gilmore (if you haven't seen Gilmore Girls watch it!) that I can hardly stand it, she has the best one liners and my oldest son says she is the coolest mom ever! (besides me ofcourse.) I love her clothes, she can wear anything! Andi is honest but in a nice way, i really appreciate her honesty.

I do not have any of my friends from my childhood left as friends. I have two girl friends from Florida that I still talk to sporatically, but they are too far away, but I cherish all the friendships that I have had in my life because all my friends have helped me to become who I am.

But I do have my baby sisters and even though we live so far away from each other (yes, provo is not far from So. Utah but it seems like a life time away, and Miami is just oh, the moon sometimes to me!) it is always a joy to talk to them, shop with them, watch t.v. and hug them when we are all together. Being the oldest of the 3 girls, it has always been my job to be the babysitter and play with my sisters, but Sharon and Diana's job was just to play with each other. But, boy did we play!!!! Our mom could play anything with us and not be afraid. I think that I really missed out on building a closer relationship with my sisters because of the huge difference in age when we were children, but as we got older 7&8 years different respectively is not so drastic as it was when I was 16 and they were 8 & 9. So we have built a relationship built on love, trust, wisdom and maturity that was not there before. We share common aspects of raising our children and I enjoy knowing that because of being the eldest, I have wisdom that I can pass on that might make their lifes that much easier with their kids. But, don't get me wrong, they teach me so much about raising kids that I wish i was able to do it over sometimes. Having a 16 year old can make you realize that 19 is just a stone throw away.

With children come women you associate with- not always do you become close but have conversations because of the kids, I have been lucky to have two friends that because of my daughter have become not only helpers with car pools to dance, running the kids to soccer or just having play dates when we each want to go out with friends or husbands, These two are my closest friends. One is Andi and I mentioned her before.

The other, Lisa, is my cohort in crime, my help me stress the dance teacher out, my scrapbooking buddy(which we haven't done for so long Lisa!) and let's just run errands together and have a drink friend. She is the one that I have no problem telling her how rotten i feel, how stressed i am about things in my life and she just listens. She is so nice in her conversations. she never judges! She is so childlike that it makes life laid back and fun. She is also my don't have a clue about the computer stuff-" come help me friend," friend. I love that we help fill in each others deficiencys. I really miss her on Wednesdays and Thursdays when she "works" at her job, but I can count on at least 1 text a day from her if not a phone call during lunch on those days. She moved to Idaho for 2 years and besides Madison and Mckenna missing each other, Lisa and I were miserable! I was so glad when she told her husband no,we are not moving to Salt Lake we are moving back to Santa Clara!!!!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Progress in my kitchen

So it has been a few months since I tore down the kitchen wall paper.

Finally, we are seeing some color. Matt is doing this while working, putting in a fire pit/dirt deck and coaching baseball for kyler's team plus planting roses in our front yard. Boy, does he like to stay busy when he is home!
I was going to do the painting, but Matt feels that if he does it it will turn out perfect-maybe he is right- who knows??? So he has all the under the cabinets done and now has the above cabinets to do and the hall into the spare bathroom. Then, we have the dining room left!

I have had my own painting to do for Mckenna's dance studio, they are doing a show number this year and I have helped do the stages for the show. It is based on the seventies and the backdrop, the stages and the costumes are awesome. There first competition is April 14th- just ten days away! So exciting!!!

Sadly, I can not say that I did this awesome blue bellbottomed chick, that would be Mckenna's dance teacher Mckel- we didn't know that she had such talent (neither did she,) see we can all do things that are amazing when we are pushed to it and there is a time crunch. My friend Lisa and I are going to add some really bright swirls, flowers and dots to the black on these stages (like the cube,) Monday, it will be fun!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

SPT- Spring Fever (March 27th)

Spring Fever!

What a great Spotlight this has been to do. Since we were already in the middle of planning a major front yard overhaul with the hedges, I really enjoyed the fact that this spotlight coincided with that renovation. I didn't do as much of the planting as the rest of the family, but I did do all the shopping (except the white roses- Matt did that,) and minor planting, such as the lobelia, the marigolds and all the planters.

This is the time of year, that having my front porch is completely delicious, Our roses are so fragrant that reading on my bench is just this side of heaven (until a car speeds by.) But I also love sitting on the backyard swing because of all the living nature that wanders through our yard even when I am physically sitting there.

Watching the birds eat out of our bird feeders, listening to their beautiful singing in our backyard is one of the first tangible ways of knowing that spring has sprung! One funny thing regarding our yard renovations is that it is not complete in our backyard because the birds keep eating the seed that we keep tiling into the ground, we have tried everything except laying out hair, but our hairdresser who is very brilliant says that the birds will continue to eat the grass seed even if we laid hair on top of the manure and seed. Funny, that I actually thought of that scenario when we were talking about how to prevent the birds from eating the seed. I guess she was thinking of THE ROOKIE also when we were talking! The weird thing is that the birds are pecking at my backyard swing using the stuffing for their nests- what the heck????

I have enjoyed watching the antics of our residential squirrel. I am not sure if the squirrel lives in the ground because he/she has dug a hole in our grass and scurries down it all the time. But, who knew that squirrels dug holes? I thought they lived in trees, but I guess ours is living somewhere in the gully. In the last few days this squirrel has been trying to eat out of our hanging bird feeder that Mckenna made at the bird festival in January. First trying to get the feeder the squirrel knocked it off the tree limb, so I hung it up again. Then Devin found the feeder near the squirrel hole with the feeder (bottle,) stuck in the hole. We all thought that was funny!

I love living in Southern Utah, because it always gets so springy faster than in the rest of the state, we have been living with our windows open for the past few weeks and I love having the fresh air through the whole house during the day. There are a few down sides though one (1,) is that it also only lasts for a few weeks and then it starts heating up like the last day where it has been in the high 80's! We actually thought about putting the air conditioner on upstairs because the kids were sweltering, but I just told them all the open the windows and leave their doors open so that they could create a cross ventilation and have cooler rooms. 2.) is that all the spring breakers from the north (sorry, gals up north,) come down after our spring break is over and it makes the kids antsy! The love driving down the boulevard just to watch all the new kids hanging out. Crazy teenagers. I don't say much about that because I have two myself, but only one that loves driving to look!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

SPT: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall (March 6th)

Mirror Mirror on the Wall, who is....

I have always loved my profile (but only if my hair is not in a high ponytail- weird, I know.) my profile reminds me of when I was a little girl. I some times think that I should have grown-up by now since I am 37 years old, but I still feel so young sometimes! I guess that is the fun yellow side of me, but the other side (the doubting one,) takes into account that I weigh just a little more than I want to and then I feel old as the hills. So I endeavor to lose the weight and feel like my younger self again!!!!

I started coloring my hair about a 1 1/2 years ago to a brown color even though my hair is really a dishwater blond. It is the one change that I really have enjoyed. My husband says that it makes my eyes pop! That is a great compliment for him to say since he is a very quiet guy and usually hates changes especially when it comes to appearances if it is God given. If I had known that he would have liked the color so much, I might have done it sooner, I was just terrified that he would hate it so much!
I know that I am not afraid to talk to anyone and usually that makes me very approachable, so when something needs to be done like a song reworded, a play written or a problem to be solved that no one wants to speak up about they come to me, which is bizarre to me because I always think that others could have done it so much more diplomatic, or better because they seem so much more confident in their selves. I guess that is the doubtful side to me again. That you don't see in my face or mannerisms.
The only thing that my friends have said lately is that my shoes rock! I have bought the cutest shoes at target for oh, such a great price! Aren't they great?


So, I bet that everyone has been wondering- Where in the World is Sandi and her blog entries?!! Well as my blog has gotten longer it has been harder to view my blog with the dial-up. I finally convinced Matt that for $9 more a month we won't have to have the phone busy all day and have me sitting here for so long which will help me be more productive during the day.

Well, I was suppose to get high speed on Monday, but i don't have an extra cable connection since the satellite is using the only line we have. So, I had to buy a wireless card which is okay because now Matt can use it on his laptop too. Plus the company that had the only high speed connection option to our house was giving a free router with a year contract so that was an added bonus- sweet!!!!
So, here is to wonderful blogs, my wild thoughts and more keeping up with all the fun things going on in other great blogs! Watch out SPT here I come!