Friday, March 27, 2009

Utah, Friends and BASEBALL!

I have the dearest husband in the world. When we moved to Ocala, I told Matt that the hardest thing for me was going to be away from Devin (that was huge!) and not being able to watch everyone of his games. This is something that I have not missed since he was 7 years old! I have gone to maybe an inning or two because of Mckenna's dance, but never have I missed more than one game since then!

I love baseball, I am not the most knowledgeable even though I should be since I have a kid who lives, breathes and eats it, but I still can't tell you the detailed reason that a ball is held a certain way, why a certain ball should be thrown when or not etc... I always rely on Matt or Lance Prestwich to tell me these things, BUT for me to see my kid stand on the hill, strike someone out and then see the best thing of all the smile that is hiding under his poker face (because as his mother- i see things that no one else does- it's all in his eyebrows! haha)

So, Matt made sure that I was going to be able to go to Utah and watch Devin play his first Varsity Tourney of the year. As I am typing this Matt is on his way to the 2nd tourney of the year! I am hoping and planning that Matt will call me with updates, that Don Gubler is video taping and that Lance will give me play by play action in an email of all the rest of the games. When the team goes to the State Playoffs we will fly back and watch those as well and be there for Graduation! I am a lucky girl for so many visits!

I love Devin and miss him terribly, I am now finding out what it is like to send your child off on his own and hope that you taught them the right things to help make their life easier! Most parents I know will either be facing this dilemma in June or when their boy turns 19 and they go on their mission, I will be able to hopefully help when they call and want to share a tear. (just like I am now- stupid bawl baby!)

I did get to spend a little bit of time with Lisa and Andrea. That was awesome. I love that my friends are computer illiterate and that they absolutely need me for something because they give me so much and I always feel like I give them so little...
I stayed at Lisa's house, but didn't hang out their very much because she worked every day. We did get to go to lunch though on Heidi's birthday and that was fun! I also had Heidi do my hair with a very interesting tone of purple- yup, Purple!

Andi and I went to lunch, we downloaded ringtones onto her new Blackberry curve and just hung out it was fun.

I also hung out with Devin on his downtime which was not as much as I wanted to have but I will take what I can get. We went shopping for shoes and clothes but ended up only getting shoes! We also had yummy Panda express ! It was fun, but as I have said before I seriously miss that kid! He is the one that talks the most in our house and so he and I keep each other entertained! I really miss that. Mckenna is into her own solitude lately. Matt and Kyler have never been much for talking (they think it is over rated! :O)
So to have that time to talk and find out what is going on in his mind and his plans after graduation was awesome!

Love you Dev!
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