Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My favorite time of the day

So, I have been going to school now for a month. I LOVE it! I knew that I would like my history class and my humanities class and my english class. But, actually, I don't love my World Civ class because the Prof is scattered. I thought I wandered when I talked but he has hands down topped me on the off topic speaking!  he is probably in his 60's. He was from his own mouth a "Fat" kid. He was made fun of a lot, and he bullied alot himself because of it!  He is a lover of women!  He talks about things that he shouldn't. I feel bad for the kid that sit next to me because he is a highschool student who is homeschooled and is learning ALOT about the Pharaoh's and their lust for woman.  That is what he talks about.  He is married but has only mentioned his wife once...very interesting. I tend to raise my hand alot to get him bacfk on topic. Now, don't get me wrong... I am not the only one that does this. There are a few of us "Older" students in his class and one week we got frustrated the whole class, because we wrote one paragraph of 3 sentences on Mesopotamia... and became a week behind. He can be a great teacher when he is actually teaching- He has a wealth of knowlege that is awesome, but we don't scratch the surface enough to satisfy me...
This is a younger picture of Professor Jaye

Humanities- My professor is a Rev. Dr. MoonOak. He went to Berkley and he is one cool cat. He loves religion- he actually is a Reverand of a Interfaith Church in Gainsville, he loves what he teaches and he does a great job of it! I love that what i am interested in is taught. Only complaint that I have is that we have 2 grades. An essay paper and the final exam. I don't know how that makes me feel knowing you don't have a hint at how the end result will be. But, that i guess is college for you! I wish (AOW) that this was not a survey class, but a True class based on let say Art, Music and Literature (a deeper delve into all the subjects I love in this class.)

Rev. Dr. MoonOak

English- Oh, man do I love this class! Not only because I love English, but because the Professor is amazing! She loves her job, she loves what she is teaching and because of it I am learning so much more than I already knew about the topic. We are studying short stories right now and I have been intrigued by the ones Doctor Robison has had us reading. I have been able to so far find the themes without too much trouble.
Dr. Cassandra Robison

Thursday, February 10, 2011


My dear Devin now has a blog!  I never thought i would see the day when that would happen but when their is the influence of a certain beautiful girl Named Aliza involved... well, there is always the possibilty of all things wonderful.  Devin is an amazing son, he is kind and caring yet, my only complaint would be that he NEVER takes any pictures!!!!   hee hee... hint hint buddy

I think that if you want his address you will have to email me... This is for my parentals. :0)