Wednesday, November 12, 2008

4 Days Spent with My Sweetie

So Last week I got back from spending 4 wonderful days with Matt. Man, do i miss that guy! I can't wait to get to Florida!

Some of you should be proud of me- even though we got to Ocala at 2:30 in the morning Sunday we still went to Church at 9:00 a.m.- I know I am nuts, but I needed to check out the 1st ward because that is the boundary that we are going to be living in. They were so friendly and nice,but not as nice as the man that I met after church whom took Matt and I for a 4 hour visit around Ocala and then out to dinner even though by then I was getting to drop off my chair. Mr. Fred Roberts is the epitome of Southern Hospitality and the proof that chivalry is not dead! He was so nice.and I could see why Matt had taken an instant liking to him! The next day He took us with his boys and daughter in law to the UF basketball game (preseason- Diana.)

It was really hard to sit through that game- i so wanted to start cheering GO NOLES when I just couldn't take the Gator chop or fight song anymore. But as Matt told me, I better get use to it, we are 30 min away from Gainsville and most of Ocala are Gator Fans. Wow- my FSU flag will be flying proud no matter if we are 30 min away or not! (yes, that would be my fiesty, don't really care to have to keep up with the Jones's attitude- Dad.)

We went to the two High Schools on Monday (one the boundry high and the other a private Catholic school,) and also meet with one of Fred's realtors who showed me houses Tuesday. Marny was super nice and her girls are Kyler and Devin's age so we hit it right off the bat. We started out with about 30 homes and finally after 1 1/2 days of looking (the next day Matt went with us,) we narrowed it down to 5 homes.

I so need to sell my house so that I can move into another house because if I don't I end up moving into the apartment that Matt is living in right now! I spent Wednesday (while Matt was at work,) cleaning for 4 hours! 2 of those hours were spent cleaning the kitchen. Dishes, cabinets and mostly the grossest, dirtiest floor..... Here is what it looked like before I cleaned- you decide it if it is hideous?!

But the best part of the whole trip was just being around Matt and learning about all his experiences while we have been apart! He truly is an amazing person and has come so far from the first day I met him. I love ya babe!