Thursday, May 02, 2013

Drive from Arizona to Utah in Pictures


Traveling, Traveling, Onward we go...

5:30 a.m. is a very early time to get up and start our drive to Utah. But, it's not when you have to get to Utah by Friday May 3rd and it's Tuesday, April 30th. Driving 2, 191 miles is the equivalent to driving for 33 hours straight without any breaks so if you consider that we drove this distance in 36 hours and landed in Utah Thursday night it would seem a little crazy!  


First day we drove from Ocala, Florida to Shreveport, Louisiana. Where we rested our head after 12 hours of driving. We talked about sleeping in the car and each person driving for a while, but we were towing Kyler's mustang and the guys wouldn't let me drive. So, we drove until we were just too tired. It was nice to sleep on a pillow and snuggling into a blanket so that I could stretch out my legs that had started cramping after awhile of static sitting.
Flowers I gathered from our hotel. 
Hello Texas!
 The second day we drove from Shreveport and stopped in Amarillo Texas for a break. Then laid our head in Mesa, New Mexico.

The third day we drove from New Mexico. Stopped in Flagstaff for breakfast and then finally arrived in Santa Clara around 4 p.m.  Just hours before Kenna landed at McCarran Airport in Las Vegas. We were exhausted and here Kenna was after a few hours drive and 4 hours of flying time with us in the wonderful Randall's house. Sinful.

It's comforting seeing our first glimpse of Red Rocks even if is Arizona.
Maximus our truck wasn't very impressed with the Rain, the heat or the Hail that he encountered on our way to Utah. Poor dear. The joke is on him though because he is going to deal with more heat (So. Utah and Vegas), and also Snow since Devin bought Maximus from us. Matt refused to drive home again. So lucky us, we get to fly home in June. 4 hours vs. 36? Well, which would you choose? Yup, so we will fly home but not for a month and a half.