Saturday, May 28, 2011

Discussion #3- Judging and Pride Cometh Before the Fall

Discussion:    Although Hawthorne writes predominantly about Puritan America, he lived in the 19th century. Keep this in mind as you discuss the three Hawthorne stories first published during the 1840’s. What connections can you see among the three protagonists (lead characters)? What is similar about the conflicts (protagonist versus antagonists)? Melville used the word “monomaniacal” to describe Captain Ahab or any character hell-bent on one thing. Are any or all of these protagonists monomanical?    So what? What does Hawthorne seem to be telling readers about such people? Draw a generalization from this story’s conflict and denouement (conclusion). What universal truths does Hawthorne convey in these stories? Consider what kind of man Hawthorne was. Think back on his houses the Old Manse and the Wayside shown in Timeless Concord.. 
Judging and Pride Cometh Before the Fall
Brower, Sandra