Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Camp Grandma by Marianne Waggoner Day

Camp Grandma
Marianne Waggoner Day
She Writes Press
Publication Date: May 7, 2019
177 Pages

Camp Grandma came to me at a perfect time. A few short weeks ago I became a grandma to a little girl. Over these past nine months, I have been wondering what kind of a grandma I want to be and how I can support my daughter and her husband in loving our little one. This book gave me some great ideas. My grandmother was incredible at infusing her life experiences to us through baking, sewing, and bowling with each of her grandchildren.  I want to be that kind of grandma also.

Camp Grandma is a semi-handbook on how to become a role model, a teacher, a mentor and someone who a grandchild can feel has the very best wishes for them.

Some of this book is pure genius- ideas stemming from the author's own experiences and her values shine light on ways to teach the next generation, however, other parts of this book became a little a too wordy through her experiences like work situations and other life stories that got in the way which made it hard to completely appreciate all the ideas and the good tips of helping your grandchildren become contributing and helpful citizens of the world around them. I appreciate the fact that the life lessons she learned and the experiences she learned them from were an avenue for us to see where the lessons came from they just didn't speak to me as being as important in the book and more distracting for a reader who wants to bounce off ideas from others.

I did love how the author, Marianne Waggoner Day portrayed her grandchildren. They were Impish, easily distracted and very willing when they settled down to learn from their grandmother. These experiences, the interactions with her grandchildren are what spread sunshine through the book.

The sunshine of the book (her grandchildren) and the activity sections of each value Ms. Day was teaching were my favorite parts of the book.  Too bad we couldn't get these sections of the book and the life experiences in a more simplistic format.

Thanks to SheWritesPress for the opportunity to read Camp Grandma in lieu of my honest review.