Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Lights, Camera, Action

Yeah! Self- Portrait Tuesday!

Here is our Landmark in dainty little Santa Clara. Does Anyone Recognize it?

Well it is Jacob Hamblin's house. I posted about this when we had our famious So.Utah Flood a few years ago.

Jacob Hamblin Home & Museum
west of Santa Clara on Highway 91, 4.5 miles from St. George

~Here is a little history of Jacob Hamblin~
While leading an expedition against hostile Indians in 1853, Jacob and his men discovered that their guns would not fire. Through that experience Jacob learned that his calling was to be a messenger of peace to the Indians. Jacob became highly regarded as a peacemaker among the Indians of Utah and Arizona. One of his best-remembered accomplishments as a peacemaker was his negotiation of the Treaty of Fort Defiance, New Mexico, in November 1870. This treaty was instrumental in helping the settlers and the Indians live in peace.
Jacob also made nine missionary visits to the Hopi villages of northern Arizona. In the process he reopened the ancient Ute Crossing, or Crossing of the Fathers, on the Colorado River.

Jacob Hamblin, one of the earliest settlers of Santa Clara, constructed this home in 1862 with local red sandstone and ponderosa lumber from Pine Valley. It is still decorated with many original artifacts. This home was Jacob’s second after the first home was destroyed by a flood. The current home survived the flood of 2005. Summer hours are 9 am - 6 pm - Winter hours 9 am - 5 pm, daily Free admission.

A few Movies filmed in the St. George/ Santa Clara area:
Paul Jacobs and the Nuclear Gang, Broken Arrow, Jeramiah Johnson, The Flyboys (not Flyboys- the movie out now.)
The Conqueror, starring John Wayne as Ghengis Khan. It was widely rumored during the 1970s that over 50% of the cast and crew of this film (including Wayne and Agnes Morehead) had died of cancer within 20 years of making the film in the Utah desert outside of St. George. John Wayne did a lot of filming of his westerns in So. Utah.
But, The most famous: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, partially filmed in Grafton and Snow Canyon State Park.

Monday, March 12, 2007


I mean really who am I? I am Gene and Jayne Field's daughter; Gene, Mike, Sharon & Diana's sister; Mary's niece; Matt's wife; Devin, Kyler and Mckenna's mom; numerous other people's friend or relative; but most of all I am just me;
I love:
  • to read
  • to play around on my piano
  • to make people smile
  • go out to breakfast (or any meal for that matter-big problem there...)
  • take pictures
  • play around on my computer
  • document the kids lives on film
  • spend time with Matt even when it is just sitting on the couch watching t.v.
  • shop (but only when I really want to, sorry, mom and Mary, not a shop til you drop type of girl,) for really pretty girly clothes, but don't really like to dress-up unless I am in the mood
  • talk on the phone
  • to watch Gilmore girls, General Hospital and American Idol
  • travel (I would love to go to Europe and Yellowstone National Park)
  • have peace around me
  • beautiful things such as dainty flowers- impatients
  • nice home decor (but comfy- think shabby chic, but with a tuscan flair)
  • the water - fountains, beach, lakes you name it I like it- even what the flood looked like at first! weird I know...
  • the way a carpet looks after it is vacuumed ( i have no vacuum right now- it is being fixed)
  • sitting on my front porch & sitting on the swing in the backyard (i love to swing- like a little kid,)
  • Summer weather
  • challenging experiences
I don't like:
  • weird smells (like the fridge right now- we have a pancake start in there that matt brought home from work)
  • loud noises (except for when kids are playing- happily)
  • dirty laundry
  • too much t.v.
  • being tempted by chocolate chip cookies
  • a dirty kitchen
  • the cold weather
  • having to drive all over the place for short errands or for the kids to go to friends- what ever happened to walking to friends houses?
  • preparing salads (but love eating them!)
  • having a sore neck or headaches from it
  • my friends being negative
  • the stress from challenging experiences
  • feeling like I am negative or mean
  • budgeting
  • cleaning

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Be true to yourself

Because of Mckenna's challenge, I started thinking about body image and who we are on the inside. (I think that it is interesting that Jill would be writing the same thing a day later, but of course, I have not posted this yet.)

I tend to feel that we all focus so much on the outside that we forget that everyone is entitled to have an innerself that doesn't have to reflect what our outsideself says about us.

For instance, I get this Oprah quote sent to me everyday and (again interestingly enough) in the focus for March it is; remaining true to yourself and capturing our authentic self. Do you think that I am suppose to be thinking about this very subject? My favorite quote so far is this: "True self is the part of us that does not change when circumstances do." -- Mason Cooley. Most of this I attribute to changing who you are when being with different friends.

I have very much been a chameleon throughout my life when it comes to different situations and I have not really found out who I really am because I take too much stock in of other's perceptions of me; I am very young looking(which is a blessing and a curse,) I am very short, which adds to the age deception and I really have a fun time with my family so I act younger also- ( i am a very Yellow Personality to the extent of coming off as a teenager sometimes.- a whole nother subject,) but because of this who I am expected to be and who I really am are totally different, which sometimes makes for a very uncomfortable me!

Now, I am probably the heaviest of all my friends (who are all stick figuares, and at least 7 years younger,) and I have never truly felt like I am really worthy enough to be a friend of theirs, which is very ridiculous. But a few days ago I had this "ahha moment" I know that I don't have to be their same body type to have them as my friends- (I had lost 25 pounds and now I have gained back 10 and so I am feeling really bummed out about myself.)

But honestly, Heavenly Father doesn't really care about our outsides as much as how we are growing spiritually, how we treat others, how we are as mothers, wives and daughters, and so I really appreciate the facts as they are. What am I doing with my self on the road to eternity, am I treating other's as I would like to be treated? Am I growing and learning through situations that I have been faced with- is my relationship with my Eternal Father kosher? That is what matters, not that I am 30 pounds heavier than my friends. Yes, I know this to be true- but will I really buy into it when they are around? Only I can determine the outcome of that question.

But, even though Heavenly Father doesn't really care about our outsides (or should I say- our hangups,) I still care about what I look like on the outside to the extent that I am not happy with how much I weigh, since it is not a healthy weight. I mean, I don't want to be a stick, just healthy. I thrive on the exercise that I do at the gym- it is a good feeling to have worked you body hard- it clears my mind, it makes me ready for the day and when I was doing it regularly, I really felt good about myself. I may never be that size 3 again, but I will feel good about my size 7 if I know that I am taking care of myself.

Maybe this is why I worry about the challenge that Mckenna's studio was given. I don't want her to ever feel as though she is not "good enough" in her own eyes. I mean don't get me wrong, I know that we all feel that way at times in life, but I don't want it to become an obsession as it did with friends in High School, as it did with me for a time and it just creates more problems than solves them.

Words to the Relief Society Song I am working on....

Here are the words to the first 2 verses of my version of Faith in Every Footsteps. I am still working on Verse #3, but am not sure if there really will be a verse 3 since, our group needs to start practicing this on Wednesday.

We are beloved Daughters of God, our lives have purpose and meaning. Oh, ye that delight in the service of God give heart might and strength unto Him. We’ll increase our knowledge of Jesus The Christ through prayer and Scripture study; that we may learn nobility and joy in womanhood.

Chorus: With Faith in every footstep we follow Christ the Lord; and filled with hope through his pure love we sing with one accord.

The Relief Society Presidents of past and one who serves us now; they stand as examples of virtue and faith and guide us all to hear; With Knowledge sure, born of humble hearts and love that has no fear.

Chorus: With Faith in every footstep she followed Christ the Lord; and filled with hope through his pure love they sang with one accord.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Young Athletes and Controversy

This week has been a very challenging one!

Mckenna's dance teacher has put out a studio wide challenge to the Competition Teams that Matt and I are totally against, and I am not sure how to handle it. I know this is related to family and should technically be posted on the Brower Productions site, but it is so much more related to me than to Mckenna that it stays here.

McKel last month challenged the girls to cut out all carbonation or should we say soda pop. This I was okay with because it really is a bad thing for everyone. Carbination is a waste of calories, the sugars in the soda are hyper-inducive and it just dehydrates the living daylights out of you. So, I think that for a very active athlete it just is a wasteful drink.

But this month they were challenged to have less than 10 grams of sugar in each item they eat. Okay, simple sugars are not the best for you, but with all things, if it is in moderation it is okay. Here's the problem; Mckenna came home the first day after the sugar challenge and was bawling as she walked through the door because as she said, "I didn't get a drink for lunch today, the milk we have had 11 grams of sugar and the chocolate milk had 25 grams." As she was walking in she headed to the kitchen looking for a snack, looked at the labels and started having an anxiety attack. So, I grabbed her,snuggled her and tryed to calm her down at the same time as I explained to her that she was allowed to have milk, that McKel meant candy, not all sugar. But she said that McKel told them anything with more than 10 grams , so after I calmed her down I called McKel- but had to leave a message instead.
The next day, I talked to McKel (she called me,) and explained to her that Mckenna was not the average child, that she already self restricted herself to certain foods and that there was no way that she was going to be giving up milk, the pediasure that she drinks 2x a month to keep her weight up (26g- complex) or anything else for that matter (yes, I was ultra sensitive to the situation, I was probably ranting ,which when I apologized she didn't feel I was, good, grief, Mckenna is only 10 years old!)

So, I guess another Mother called and told McKel that her daughter didn't have milk with her cereal because of the sugar challenge, so the next dance day McKel sent home a revised note:
Here it is in it's entirety:

Like I said before, Mckenna is 10 years old, she is way too young to be so obsessive about label reading which is what happened after this note came home because she was trying to make sure she didn't go over 75 grams in the day. McKel also asked them to write everything they ate down. I talked to Matt about it, so he and I sat Mckenna down explained to her about complex sugars and simple sugars and that if she was going with all sugars then she wouldn't be able to eat apples, banana's etc... because they were high in complex sugar. She said that she understood, but the next day it started over with her asking me for a notebook.

I don't want to stop her from participating, but I also know that this label obsession can also be the start of eating disorders and I am not going to help her start that at all. It is bad enough that as a dancer she will always worry about her weight as she gets older, but she is not going to be obsessive at the age of 10! It might not be a pressure for her since she is such a lean girl, but it will be pressure enough for the girls in her group as they become teenagers and I think that the challenge is headed in the wrong direction. Here is the biggest thing; they have a chart that says if weekly they are sticking to the challenge, if not then they get a mark for it and they are out of the contest- with the payoff for winning this challengeis about a $100 dollar pot.

What I wish (amoung other wishes,) that McKel had done was to challenge the girls to cut out excessive amounts of candy- have them prove that they have eaten all there vegetables and fruit servings each day because this is a 3 month challenge. The older girls could have the sugar challenge or maybe cut out large obsessive amounts of junk food from their diet, because that is alot of what they eat during lunch in the middle or high school(as teenagers do.) I remember having a pop, a bag a chips and a donut for lunch at Bonneville- those donuts were delicious, but I also had other food on other days. Since working in the schools, I have seen the 8th graders just subsist on chips, pop and candy- so I can see where she is coming from, but not for a 10 year old or even the younger ones that are in Kindergarten through 2nd grade.. (which is the younger competitive team.)

But as Matt says we did not hirer McKel to be Mckenna's nutritionist just her dance teacher. It is up to us to make sure that Mckenna is knowledgeable about her eating habits and what is good for her and what is not. Plus McKel can not have the proper knowledge of what is being eaten at all these girls houses, if they have become voluntary veggitarians (like Mckenna is most of the time,) or if they have special diets etc... I just think that it is something that is not for her to incorporate.

You could say, but Sandi- she isn't making them do this, she challenged them. Yes, that is true- it is just a challenge, but as a young impressionable girl, Mckenna wants to do what her teacher tells her or encourages her to do because she is her role model, her mentor and for Mckenna like a big sister since she has know McKel since she was 3 and McKel was 14. I think that we have finally made Mckenna understand that it is not a mandatory thing, that it is optional and that we would encourage her to cut out candy as a whole but that we are not going to obsess about it.

Yesterday (this has been 1 week now- It takes awhile to get the computer with a Relief Society project to do which is very challenging.) Matt went to the store on Wednesday while the girls were in the car, had bought cookies and other groceries and they devoured all the cookies(another side effect of not eating a single sweet- you binge on that item near you.)Mckenna realized that she didn't want to do the challenge because than she could not have her weekly ice cream cone with the girls in our dance carpool.

I don't know, Am I being overly sensitive to this?

How would you handle it?
Do you think that teachers should be nutritionist also?
Doe you relate to this feeling of worring about eating disorders and your kids?