Monday, February 19, 2007

Bathrooms- The Bane of My Existence!

Why is cleaning my bathroom such a pain for me? I seem to never get that darn shower door clean to what it was like when we moved in!

I have tried window cleaner(with grease remover,) shower cleaner, soap scum cleaner and to now avail!

But finally, Lisa and i walked into her house when she was deciding if she wanted to move into it our not and low and behold there was the cleanest shower door I had ever seen! We asked the lady how she got her doors so clean and she said she had a cleaning lady. Well! I wasn't about to hire some cleaning lady that I would have to pay top dollar for and so I have questioned tons of people on what works for them. Everything they mentioned didn't work for me, maybe because it is 2 years of soap scum, I don't know, i just know it didn't work.
Well, while I was babysitting this past month for one of the police officers in our city while he and his wife were at the hospital having a baby I ran into that lady that Lisa bought her house from- here is her big secret!

She uses: a non scratching green scrubbing pad! Yes, that is all she does different than me! She uses the same type of cleaner, uses a squeege like I do, but, she sprays on the cleaner and then scrubs away until it is clear and clean! Boy, what a different that made for me!

I use a lavendar smelling shower cleaner from Target, use the scrubbing pad, rinse it off, squeege and bam! the spots are gone! But now just to cover my bases I am also using a daily shower cleaner just to save me some time between deep cleans and so far so good.

So here are the questions:
What has worked for you?
Do you like to clean the bathroom?
What household job is the bane of your existence?

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