Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A Basic Kitchen Remodel- Paint

I pulled the old wallpaper down in the kitchen listening to big band era music and war bond commercials, so now that it is down what color to paint it?

Red- well, that is my favorite color- but under the chair rail in the dining room it is going to be red.
Blue- well, maybe but will it look okay?
Green- I really like this idea in a sage - not 100% sure, so, what about Tan? Nope, not tan, that is too close to the counter tops and cabinets and that is going to be above the chair rail in the dining room. Matt and I can't agree on a color- he likes cool colors, I like warm! With such light cabinets it has to be a warm color but which one?

So what does everyone think I should paint it?
Do you have any vision of decorating and painting ideas when it is your house?