Sunday, February 25, 2007


Anyone who knows me knows that I love the sound of water; a babbling brook, the waves breaking on the shore, a waterfall, the outside sprinklers & even the drip drop of an indoor water faucet, so when we went to Gunlock Resevoir I was in seventh heaven! The babbling of the Santa Clara River was so calming & so peaceful that it makes me want to have a brook in the back of my yard, but since we live on a hillside that is out of the question- it might just help us end up on the bottom of the gully instead. So, I got to thinking, hummn, what about a nice self contained water fountain that looks old fashion (you know like a whiskey barrel and old copper faucet,) and set near the corner of our firepit (still in the building stages) wouldn't that be great?

My parents and sister Sharon are so lucky! Sharon has the calm of the bay, but my parents are the luckiest of all! They have a bay and the beach! Oh, to have that luxury would be my dream come true!

But alas, Matt is a winter sport boy and I am a calm, warm weather person. Maybe when Matt retires we will have a home in the winter in Park City(or somewhere else,) and then also a home in Florida for the warmth! Doubt it, but it is nice to dream and scheme about it!
So my thought is this; since I can't have the beach, or the brook and don't have the money for the fountain right now since we are in the middle of finishing the firepit, painting the kitchen, pulling out hedges in the front and replacing them with a wild assortment of roses, plus the annual seeding of the grass (as to why we do this- ask Matt the quails always eat the seed anyway, those darn birds!) I will drive to Gunlock (only 20 minutes away,) bring a chair, snacks, water and a good book, read for awhile, hike for awhile (it is mostly flat terrain,) and soak in the sound of that lovely water. I also want to take the kids to Pinevalley with a picnic basket, some sketch pads and soak up the sound of the lake and the wildlife there also. Doesn't that sound fun?
Where is your favorite place to be?
What do you love the sound of?
Have any ideas on how to keep the bird from eating our grass seed, besides shooting them?