Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Self Portrait Tuesday~ Putting Your Best Foot Forward!

So, I just ran across Diana's blog on Self Portrait Tuesday and had to research it out. Jill spread this challenge but a gal named Lelly came up with this idea and put it out for all to do and so I am taking it.
The Topic for Today is:
Putting your best foot forward!

Well, that is a great one since Friday I received a call from one of the Relief Society Presidency and was asked to make an arrangement of "Faith in Every Footstep" but worded to honor our 6 R.S. Presidents in our Ward (current and past!)

You may be wondering why in the world would they choose me? That is something that I wondered since we have about 6 very talented song writers in our ward. Well, I asked the question and this is what Darby said, "It is that Joseph Smith play you did for Christmas 2 years ago. It impressed everyone so much, that we know that you can do this and will follow through." Blast that Play- no, just kidding. I am honored to be asked to do this, but I am also terrified! Not only do I have to arrange the music, but also get a group together to sing for our R.S. Birthday party which is March 20th. That is not so much time and again I say, I am terrified!

I have been feeling very selfish lately and had prayed about being used to help others, this isn't exactly what I planned on, but if it is what is wanted of me and is going to enlarge my spirit and help me walk with "Faith," than that is all that I want to do right now.

So, I am going to put my best foot forward, trust in the Heavenly help that I am asking for and running with it.

This is what I have outlined so far to do;
Ask around about the special strong points of each Presidents reign, put it into simple words, with each verse having one president.
I have already rewritten the first line, but it needs a little smoothing.

But here goes, I bow down on both knees, I take scriptures in hand and with two feet Jump right in!