Monday, March 12, 2007


I mean really who am I? I am Gene and Jayne Field's daughter; Gene, Mike, Sharon & Diana's sister; Mary's niece; Matt's wife; Devin, Kyler and Mckenna's mom; numerous other people's friend or relative; but most of all I am just me;
I love:
  • to read
  • to play around on my piano
  • to make people smile
  • go out to breakfast (or any meal for that matter-big problem there...)
  • take pictures
  • play around on my computer
  • document the kids lives on film
  • spend time with Matt even when it is just sitting on the couch watching t.v.
  • shop (but only when I really want to, sorry, mom and Mary, not a shop til you drop type of girl,) for really pretty girly clothes, but don't really like to dress-up unless I am in the mood
  • talk on the phone
  • to watch Gilmore girls, General Hospital and American Idol
  • travel (I would love to go to Europe and Yellowstone National Park)
  • have peace around me
  • beautiful things such as dainty flowers- impatients
  • nice home decor (but comfy- think shabby chic, but with a tuscan flair)
  • the water - fountains, beach, lakes you name it I like it- even what the flood looked like at first! weird I know...
  • the way a carpet looks after it is vacuumed ( i have no vacuum right now- it is being fixed)
  • sitting on my front porch & sitting on the swing in the backyard (i love to swing- like a little kid,)
  • Summer weather
  • challenging experiences
I don't like:
  • weird smells (like the fridge right now- we have a pancake start in there that matt brought home from work)
  • loud noises (except for when kids are playing- happily)
  • dirty laundry
  • too much t.v.
  • being tempted by chocolate chip cookies
  • a dirty kitchen
  • the cold weather
  • having to drive all over the place for short errands or for the kids to go to friends- what ever happened to walking to friends houses?
  • preparing salads (but love eating them!)
  • having a sore neck or headaches from it
  • my friends being negative
  • the stress from challenging experiences
  • feeling like I am negative or mean
  • budgeting
  • cleaning