Monday, April 09, 2007

Plays Well with Other's-SPT

I think that I play well with others, but I sometimes get too caught up in the wanting to be home with my husband when he is home mode that we don't get to play too much together with other friends.. being that my family are my best friends ever!!

I am so bummed, right after this spt idea came up (which by the way is 1 week behind since i was stuck in dial-up land), we had a great bbq at our house to break in the new fire pit and backyard decor, but I forgot to take pictures, AHHH!!!!

We don't have too many activities at our house because I have such a hard time with planning time for these fun social outings. I am gung ho on going to the movies and dinner with our friends which ends up being about 1x a month, but socializing at our house is far and in between. I am such a social person, but my husband socializes for a living and so he wants his family at our house for peace and quiet. After this bbq though, I think that he has realized what a great down time having friends over can be! Plus, What is the point of having a great huge backyard, badmitten, tramp, croquet and a firepit if there is no laughter in the backyard?

We and our friends had a blast talking about wild things that we did in highschool- wow, i did not know that we had such rebellious friends- jumping cars off curbs and cracking the oil tank was one thing. Getting sent to Disney Jail was another, so informative!

These certain friends are my husband's be a little boy and play tricks on each other friends- the ones who decorate a toilet florescent orange and stick it on our front lawn because florida state is ranked 18th during part of the Footbal season last fall, putting wooden cows on our lawn during the city Swiss Days festival, because our husbands like to raze each other- they are just pure fun.
Their wives are my let's get together and redecorate our houses friends. Michelle is a fantastic cook and interior decorator, if she says paint it- Matt says when... I say yippee! Trina is the quietest of us all, but still we have fun and unfortunately was with her mother and couldn't come. bummer

Andi who is one of my best friends is the "LETS GO SHOPPING and talk on the phone for ages friend, who makes me laugh like no other!!! She is so like Lorelei Gilmore (if you haven't seen Gilmore Girls watch it!) that I can hardly stand it, she has the best one liners and my oldest son says she is the coolest mom ever! (besides me ofcourse.) I love her clothes, she can wear anything! Andi is honest but in a nice way, i really appreciate her honesty.

I do not have any of my friends from my childhood left as friends. I have two girl friends from Florida that I still talk to sporatically, but they are too far away, but I cherish all the friendships that I have had in my life because all my friends have helped me to become who I am.

But I do have my baby sisters and even though we live so far away from each other (yes, provo is not far from So. Utah but it seems like a life time away, and Miami is just oh, the moon sometimes to me!) it is always a joy to talk to them, shop with them, watch t.v. and hug them when we are all together. Being the oldest of the 3 girls, it has always been my job to be the babysitter and play with my sisters, but Sharon and Diana's job was just to play with each other. But, boy did we play!!!! Our mom could play anything with us and not be afraid. I think that I really missed out on building a closer relationship with my sisters because of the huge difference in age when we were children, but as we got older 7&8 years different respectively is not so drastic as it was when I was 16 and they were 8 & 9. So we have built a relationship built on love, trust, wisdom and maturity that was not there before. We share common aspects of raising our children and I enjoy knowing that because of being the eldest, I have wisdom that I can pass on that might make their lifes that much easier with their kids. But, don't get me wrong, they teach me so much about raising kids that I wish i was able to do it over sometimes. Having a 16 year old can make you realize that 19 is just a stone throw away.

With children come women you associate with- not always do you become close but have conversations because of the kids, I have been lucky to have two friends that because of my daughter have become not only helpers with car pools to dance, running the kids to soccer or just having play dates when we each want to go out with friends or husbands, These two are my closest friends. One is Andi and I mentioned her before.

The other, Lisa, is my cohort in crime, my help me stress the dance teacher out, my scrapbooking buddy(which we haven't done for so long Lisa!) and let's just run errands together and have a drink friend. She is the one that I have no problem telling her how rotten i feel, how stressed i am about things in my life and she just listens. She is so nice in her conversations. she never judges! She is so childlike that it makes life laid back and fun. She is also my don't have a clue about the computer stuff-" come help me friend," friend. I love that we help fill in each others deficiencys. I really miss her on Wednesdays and Thursdays when she "works" at her job, but I can count on at least 1 text a day from her if not a phone call during lunch on those days. She moved to Idaho for 2 years and besides Madison and Mckenna missing each other, Lisa and I were miserable! I was so glad when she told her husband no,we are not moving to Salt Lake we are moving back to Santa Clara!!!!