Friday, April 06, 2007

Progress in my kitchen

So it has been a few months since I tore down the kitchen wall paper.

Finally, we are seeing some color. Matt is doing this while working, putting in a fire pit/dirt deck and coaching baseball for kyler's team plus planting roses in our front yard. Boy, does he like to stay busy when he is home!
I was going to do the painting, but Matt feels that if he does it it will turn out perfect-maybe he is right- who knows??? So he has all the under the cabinets done and now has the above cabinets to do and the hall into the spare bathroom. Then, we have the dining room left!

I have had my own painting to do for Mckenna's dance studio, they are doing a show number this year and I have helped do the stages for the show. It is based on the seventies and the backdrop, the stages and the costumes are awesome. There first competition is April 14th- just ten days away! So exciting!!!

Sadly, I can not say that I did this awesome blue bellbottomed chick, that would be Mckenna's dance teacher Mckel- we didn't know that she had such talent (neither did she,) see we can all do things that are amazing when we are pushed to it and there is a time crunch. My friend Lisa and I are going to add some really bright swirls, flowers and dots to the black on these stages (like the cube,) Monday, it will be fun!