Tuesday, April 17, 2007

SPT- $100 Virtual Tax Refund

The Challenge:
The very nice taxman (who is happy that you filed your taxes!) has given you a $100.00 'virtual' refund. you can 'spend' this money to update one item in your wardrobe.what item do you choose? is it a favorite pair of every-day jeans that have gotten so faded they need to be replaced? do you need a new skirt because you've lost weight since last spring? how about exercise outfits? new shoes? a funky top for date night?are you clothes savvy? or clothes shy? do you buy multiple versions of the same shirts in every color? do you buy 'outfits' or do you mix-n-match separates? what's the oldest item of clothing you have that you simply can't part with? will you blow the $100.00 on one fabulous item, or will you be combing the clearance racks?? don't forget, the 'virtual' refund is just for you!! indulge yourself!

Interestingly enough, I actually fulfilled this challenge but not virtually! Usually, I never buy clothes unless there is I have a weight change or my clothes just get too ratty looking. This is NOT one of those times. I don't shop clearance very often unless it is some thing that is really screaming out to me, I do buy on store sales though and this IS one of those times! One of my favorite stores Christensen's Department store a local store was having a sale and I also had coupons, so I didn't even get close to the virtual limit. SWEET!

I had felt I needed a few items to add to my wardrobe when I was Easter shopping and so I picked out some really nice clothes but then they didn't fit, so, Yesterday I returned the items and this is what I ended up with;

I really think that this shirt will be absolutley adorable with a pair of really nice fitting jeans- if only I could find those kind of Jeans that don't cost a mint or are too low waisted! Does anyone else feel that all the jeans are too low and that a plumber is the only one that should wear them!!???

I want to wear this to a night on the town with my hubby who always looks nice, but I feel like a little boy because I am always wearing cuffed boy looking jeans. Oh, the trauma of finding a good fitting pair of jeans, or even a nice denim capri that fits me the way they should! I mean, why do capri's have to fit me like floods instead of at the proper calf length?!!!

I absolutley adore this green hoodie! Matt thinks that I should DI it since it is so old, but I love it, it is comfortable, and it is a good SNOW CANYON HIGH color. This is a throw back item from high school and it is the oldest item of clothing that I own! I refuse to get rid of it since it is still in really good shape and has provided many warm days for baseball view or hiking with the family.

Okay, we were told to find one item, but I failed to follow those rules. I mean, I have been looking for the perfect skirt that I could wear with my killer shoes, and finally I found it! I bought the shoes while shopping with my friends at Target and didn't have a single thing to go with them but decided I had to have them (they were such a great price- $10!) They remind me of Marianne's shirt on Gilligan's Island. I think with a pair of jeans, capri's or this skirt and a white collared shirt they are going to look awesome. I can't wait to wear them tomorrow just for the fun of it!

Even though we were asked to splurge on ourselves, I would have really loved to buy some curtains for my kitchen window instead! I love turning our house into a comfortable home, that my family loves to hangout in. This is my biggest shopping joy, to turn bare from boring to fantastic, so I look for those perfect curtains, I keep searching for those perfect backyard chairs to go around our fire pit while entertaining and yet, I still smile on the great splurge that i did get to do for myself in the honor of the "virtual" indulgences!