Tuesday, April 10, 2007

SPT- "In Your Easter Bonnet"

I think that my sisters and I were probably the only girls in our neighborhood that wore Easter Bonnets, maybe it was because our parents loved the movie Easter Parade; starring Judy Garland and Fred Astaire. (just a little trivia question- does anyone know who was really suppose to star as the leading man role in this movie?)

I think it is because we loved to dress up as little kids. Sharon still loves to wear pretty skirts at all hours of the days and I think Diana and I just want to be comfortable. I really actually would love to wear pretty skirts at all hours of the day too, but don't like how I feel in them so I wear them when going out with my hot date each Friday night

The crappy thing about this Easter is that I didn't get any pictures of our family in our Easter Finest. I had a bit of a problem at church and had to go home and promptly change out of my Easter outfit. And the kids couldn't strip off the dressy clothes fast enough. "Hey, Mom can change so can we". that was their rationale. I really wanted an update picture of the family not just for this spotlight, but because I usually do this every Easter and it was time!

Easter is full of tradition in our family on the secular side; we have a an edible trail that leads to the kid's hidden basket by - this year big peanut m&m's. Some years it is jelly beans or gold fish. The kids told us this year that they wanted the gold fish back. so, picky!

The numerous bunnies that are continually munching on our grass roots are supposeably watching our kids for Peter Rabbit, and let him know if they are deserving of the hidden eggs that year. We decorate eggs by poking holes in the eggs and blow out the liquid (which we use for breakfast on Easter Morning; not this year- it was Fast Sunday.) and then painting with dye, puff paint and funny words. This year it was all dance related for Mckenna- "shut-up and dance," "dance your self silly" etc.. The boys didn't decorate eggs for the first time ever and it was really sad for me to realize they just didn't want to be bothered or are just getting older and just don't enjoy it anymore.

Each girl in our family gets a new outfit and the boys get new ties. This year kenna and I each got a white eyelet skirt and a cute top. The boys got a purple and blue tie and since Devin is growing so fast he also got the added bonus of new navy dress pants. Matt didn't get a tie since he won't wear pastels and loves his presidential suits, so he just looked good.
Maybe I will make everyone dress up and just take the picture and pretend it was Easter. Is that horrible?
Have a happy day!