Thursday, April 05, 2007

SPT- Spring Fever (March 27th)

Spring Fever!

What a great Spotlight this has been to do. Since we were already in the middle of planning a major front yard overhaul with the hedges, I really enjoyed the fact that this spotlight coincided with that renovation. I didn't do as much of the planting as the rest of the family, but I did do all the shopping (except the white roses- Matt did that,) and minor planting, such as the lobelia, the marigolds and all the planters.

This is the time of year, that having my front porch is completely delicious, Our roses are so fragrant that reading on my bench is just this side of heaven (until a car speeds by.) But I also love sitting on the backyard swing because of all the living nature that wanders through our yard even when I am physically sitting there.

Watching the birds eat out of our bird feeders, listening to their beautiful singing in our backyard is one of the first tangible ways of knowing that spring has sprung! One funny thing regarding our yard renovations is that it is not complete in our backyard because the birds keep eating the seed that we keep tiling into the ground, we have tried everything except laying out hair, but our hairdresser who is very brilliant says that the birds will continue to eat the grass seed even if we laid hair on top of the manure and seed. Funny, that I actually thought of that scenario when we were talking about how to prevent the birds from eating the seed. I guess she was thinking of THE ROOKIE also when we were talking! The weird thing is that the birds are pecking at my backyard swing using the stuffing for their nests- what the heck????

I have enjoyed watching the antics of our residential squirrel. I am not sure if the squirrel lives in the ground because he/she has dug a hole in our grass and scurries down it all the time. But, who knew that squirrels dug holes? I thought they lived in trees, but I guess ours is living somewhere in the gully. In the last few days this squirrel has been trying to eat out of our hanging bird feeder that Mckenna made at the bird festival in January. First trying to get the feeder the squirrel knocked it off the tree limb, so I hung it up again. Then Devin found the feeder near the squirrel hole with the feeder (bottle,) stuck in the hole. We all thought that was funny!

I love living in Southern Utah, because it always gets so springy faster than in the rest of the state, we have been living with our windows open for the past few weeks and I love having the fresh air through the whole house during the day. There are a few down sides though one (1,) is that it also only lasts for a few weeks and then it starts heating up like the last day where it has been in the high 80's! We actually thought about putting the air conditioner on upstairs because the kids were sweltering, but I just told them all the open the windows and leave their doors open so that they could create a cross ventilation and have cooler rooms. 2.) is that all the spring breakers from the north (sorry, gals up north,) come down after our spring break is over and it makes the kids antsy! The love driving down the boulevard just to watch all the new kids hanging out. Crazy teenagers. I don't say much about that because I have two myself, but only one that loves driving to look!