Monday, May 14, 2007

Peter Cetera

For Mother's day Matt and his buddies decided to take their wives to see Peter Cetera at Tuacahn. What a great present. Jim didn't think it was a great idea, he had been roped into it by Matt and Eric! But, they knew that Trina would love going to see the concert and so off we went with all the gang.

Ahh, Peter Cetera! How many remember playing Chicago music all day long during their teenage years? I loved Chicago so much especially the record album Chicago 17! I don't think that I would have like Chicago if it hadn't have been for Peter Cetera's unique voice. It was distinctive (like Steve Perry, the lead singer of Journey or the lead singer of Stix.) I could have listened to Your The Inspiration over and over again. Hard Habit to Break was one of Matt andI songs on our wedding tape and Matt didn't even know who Chicago was!

Just a little tidbit of a song....enjoy
Here is the full version of this song if you are curious.... My Rhapsody Playlist

Peter looked good, older but still nice looking. He was very funny, but wasn't the best entertainer. I think it was because he wasn't feeling the love from the crowd. Most of the crowd were from his fan club and over the age of 50, mostly his fan club from the 70's. It was so cute, there was this older lady sitting in front of us, who when Peter walked onto the stage just started bawling, she cried during a whole song! Later, when he sang with his female back-up singer she started crying again! (he was singing his duet with Cher {the gal, at first sounded like Cher}.)

He had the Southwest Symphony performing backup, they were great especially since there was a huge wind storm and music kept flying off the stands. Peter said that during their practice the piano fell down, and all music was flying all over. He had his music clipped to his stand, it was very casual ~ his performance. When Sharon was announcing Kiara's coming into the world, she sent a tape (maybe it was Indigo's CD?) with Peter Cetera singing about his little girl growing up, I love that song- Best days of my life! He did not sing that song, nor Hard Habit to Break (i think that he couldn't sing all Chicago music since they are copyrighted or something- but he sang music from the Beatles and Davy Jones- go figuare?!!)

Before the concert, we went to the Outback and had a delicious steak, potato and strawberry lemonade. But the stories told at the table were even better than the food. Erik and Jim told about their trip to Moab. They always have such funny things happen to them! They also invited Matt to go with them next year, he really is excited about that we haven't been to Moab for 3 years!

I thought this was a great Mother's day gift! Thanks Matt (and kids)!!