Thursday, May 17, 2007

SPT- Smaller Than a Deck of Cards! (better late than never)

SPT Challenge: Show & Tell this week's challenge is to show & tell one of your most treasured items. the catch is (YES, there is a catch)... it must be smaller than a deck of cards! see? i told you it would be easy! fun, even!!

One of my most treasured items is my camera

Without my camera I will not be able to capture moments that I want to hold dear to me, for instance the birth of my children- what they looked like in those first precious moments of their lives. My fairytale wedding- the dress, the trappings, the happiness (and can I say GQ look,) in Matt's eyes when we had our pictures taken during our reception on the Jordan River Queen.

Numerous family gatherings such as Diana or Sharon's weddings, Kira when I was babysitting after Josh was born, Indigo and Kiara collecting shells on Sanibel Island. My parents and Mary during our trip to Disneyworld in January.

Mckenna, Kyler and Devin and their numerous accomplishments but more importantly those mundane things that turn into precious memories like going to the park, watching a parade, jumping on the trampoline or walking from the school to the car with your friends and looking mighty grown up for 10 years old.

These are things I want to hold on to, to keep in my memory, but I do know that so many will fad, that they will be come blurred with so many other memories that I might not be able to pull them out of my thoughts like the pensieve bowl that Dumbledore held his memories in. So pull out a family album, a baby scrapbook, a dancers keepsake, baseball journals, driver liscence test scrap pages and wander back into the world of the past, but also look forward to the new experiences that I will encounter and snap with that trusty Sony Camera and enjoy the "ahh, mom- do we have to take another picture?" comments from my kids, because the years go so fast and then in a blink they are full grown and you wonder where it all went.

This is my most treasured "deck of card" sized item....