Monday, July 30, 2007

Blogging burden?? Or, Help, I have so many entries to post and not enough time!

Do you ever go through your head and plan out an entry for your blog? Do you take great pictures and get them ready for your blog all to find out that you HAVE to do other things?

What do you do to find the time to sit down and BLOG, BLOG,BLOG?

I am in the conundrum of this situation this very minute! I have a ton of starts of drafts, pictures to download and not enough to put the special touches to it! My husband says once a week, hey can I see your blog, bring it up for me! I have to tell him that nothing new has been added and he looks at me like I have a big red loser sign on my head or that I am running a fever. He knows that I love to do this, he knows that I feel as if I am keeping my parents in the light of the Brower World, but he doesn't understand that it does take more than a few minutes to bring up those pics, put the right words to your feelings and that it takes more than time sometimes but creativity. He is very analytical, he doesn't get these burst of creativity that you have to have, so he doesn't understand!

Can anyone help, can you give me shot in the arm that I need???! AHHH!

Okay, now that I have that temper tantrum over with. Plan on seeing some updating, back dating and other fun things going on with this blog and my family one! See you soon!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

My sister Sharon tagged me and I am up to the challenge! Hummmm, who will I tag???

4 Jobs You've had:

Women's clothing sales Clerk

Paint Department Head

Main Street Assistant

Special Ed (Severe and Resource) Assistant

4 Places I've Lived:

Sharpsburg, Georgia

Tallahassee, Florida

Salt Lake City, Utah

Long Beach, New York

4Favorite TV Shows:

Gilmore Girls

So You Think You Can Dance


Little House on the Prairie

4 Favorite Foods:



Mommy's Pizza

Breaded Chicken Cutlets

4 Websites you frequent:

My Blogs

Everyone Else's blogs

4 Places I'd rather be right now:

Florida~On the beach

In Maine~ hiking

Hawaii- On the beach

California- On the beach

4 Movies you love:

Meet Joe Black

Princess Bride

Cinderella Story

Raise your Voice

4 Bloggers you tag to be it next:





Friday, July 06, 2007


For the Fourth of July we went to see our friends the Ritchie's while they were running their baseball booth at the Vernon Worthen Park. Which to me was a great idea since I suggested going here before Wally even called Matt. I love the festivities of going to parades, fairs, fireworks and concerts so I was a happy girl since I got to go to all but the parade! IT WAS SO HOT!!!! St. George was very smart and had alot of fun free activities at the festival besides the typical buy stuff, they had water sponge wars, watermelon spitting contests, slip and slides and a few smaller things like horse shoes for the family to do. I didn't get any pictures of these activities because I only had a few pictures left before we went home and I could transfer onto the computer. Bummer. Mom, are you proud of us that we remembered to wear our red t-shirts???!!!

Okay, here is the fun part of the day- the even hotter part. I packed a few cold things, some cheetos, and matt went and got Wendy's while I staked out our spot for the Kony Country Showdown- yes, sharon- country....I know, you don't like it.. sorry. But it is a tradition that when we are in town we go to this showdown. Last year we were in Florida and Devin's friend Delaney won this year the girl that won was great! The winner goes on to the regional showdown and then the nationals. This is a contest that help many famous country singers get their start.

It was fun, we had the gubler's with us. Matt's cousin Derrick was playing the drums and singing in the back-up band and when the sun set, it was very nice outside.

The fireworks were amazing!!! Not Disney, but awesome anyway. They were coming in two directions, the baseball field ahead of us and also the "dixie" mountain (not the D side.) The start of the firewords on the dixie mountain started as a curtain. Take a look below!


SPT~ It's As American As Apple Pie

What's more American than....


Happy Birthday to Me!

Well, today is my birthday and it has been very laid back. My birthday celebration will not happen until friday since Matt has to work, but we are going out for dinner and a movie- I think I will pick Pirates of the Carribean and Olive Garden.

I have received some really fun gifts for my special day. My parents and Mary (and me,) bought me a Nintendo DS, a case and Brainage. My brain age is 83! Wow, I didn't know that I was really that old. Mckenna made me a card, Kyler printed up a sign, and then Andrea gave me a really cute black iron rack for photo frames and my seasonal sayings.

Andrea also set up a lunch for me and a few friends; Heather, Tina and us. Lisa would have come but she was with Milt in Park City. We went to Olive Garden (it has only been open a few months so we seem to go there alot.) Heather is a 2nd grade school teacher, her daughter Camry is on Mckenna's dance team. She gave me a cookbook compiled by her school and a few lotions from Bath and Body works, Honeysuckle, yum!!! So, I gues you could say that I was very spoiled today.
Here are a few pictures from the day;
Isn't this a cute cake? Matt bought it for me and I was very surprised!
Me of course hamming it up!

What did I wish for? If I tell you it won't come true!

Looking at these candles made me think about many other candles that I have had in my life. I have had numbers, plain candles, sparkler candles, trick candles (which I was amazed that these weren't,) and each candle has added to the feeling of how special a birthday is. Your family and friends sing to you, they tell you to make a wish and then you sit there hoping that the candles won't melt all over trying to figuare out what your heart desires the most...
Is it those white roller skates, so that you can be Kira on Zanadu and roll around the rink and then Zanadu Hill with Jennifer, Stephanie and Kimmy? or is it the Flashdance soundtrack record that you really, really want when you are 14 years old? Or, is it just to have a great year with your family, loving them, desiring to see your brothers', sisters', mom, dad and aunt who live so far away and even though they call and make your day so much that more special you heart of hearts only desires to have that one day to hug and kiss them while you make that wish on your icecream cake????!!!!

Here are a few pics from parties I have had in the past: hope you enjoy it---

This is my 7 year old birthday- notice that fun cake...

my 8 year old birthday- notice the fun cake again!

Jennifer, me and Kimmie on my birthday! Ohh, Presents, I love Presents!!!
This is my 11 year old party.

Looking ahead to what is coming.....

Since my wireless has been up for not more than 5 minutes at a time for the last few months, I have never been able to finish a single blog that I have started or even thought of in my head. So, now, I am going to play the catch-up game!! Hopefully, I will not have to drown everyone with entries all at once, but forgive me, I need to post now!!


Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Poor internet connection

Dear All- I am typing this from Matt's laptop at his work. I don't have internet connection again. Infowest is trying to find out what is going on, so hopefully I will be back soon. Sorry.... Miss you all.