Monday, July 30, 2007

Blogging burden?? Or, Help, I have so many entries to post and not enough time!

Do you ever go through your head and plan out an entry for your blog? Do you take great pictures and get them ready for your blog all to find out that you HAVE to do other things?

What do you do to find the time to sit down and BLOG, BLOG,BLOG?

I am in the conundrum of this situation this very minute! I have a ton of starts of drafts, pictures to download and not enough to put the special touches to it! My husband says once a week, hey can I see your blog, bring it up for me! I have to tell him that nothing new has been added and he looks at me like I have a big red loser sign on my head or that I am running a fever. He knows that I love to do this, he knows that I feel as if I am keeping my parents in the light of the Brower World, but he doesn't understand that it does take more than a few minutes to bring up those pics, put the right words to your feelings and that it takes more than time sometimes but creativity. He is very analytical, he doesn't get these burst of creativity that you have to have, so he doesn't understand!

Can anyone help, can you give me shot in the arm that I need???! AHHH!

Okay, now that I have that temper tantrum over with. Plan on seeing some updating, back dating and other fun things going on with this blog and my family one! See you soon!