Friday, July 06, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

Well, today is my birthday and it has been very laid back. My birthday celebration will not happen until friday since Matt has to work, but we are going out for dinner and a movie- I think I will pick Pirates of the Carribean and Olive Garden.

I have received some really fun gifts for my special day. My parents and Mary (and me,) bought me a Nintendo DS, a case and Brainage. My brain age is 83! Wow, I didn't know that I was really that old. Mckenna made me a card, Kyler printed up a sign, and then Andrea gave me a really cute black iron rack for photo frames and my seasonal sayings.

Andrea also set up a lunch for me and a few friends; Heather, Tina and us. Lisa would have come but she was with Milt in Park City. We went to Olive Garden (it has only been open a few months so we seem to go there alot.) Heather is a 2nd grade school teacher, her daughter Camry is on Mckenna's dance team. She gave me a cookbook compiled by her school and a few lotions from Bath and Body works, Honeysuckle, yum!!! So, I gues you could say that I was very spoiled today.
Here are a few pictures from the day;
Isn't this a cute cake? Matt bought it for me and I was very surprised!
Me of course hamming it up!

What did I wish for? If I tell you it won't come true!

Looking at these candles made me think about many other candles that I have had in my life. I have had numbers, plain candles, sparkler candles, trick candles (which I was amazed that these weren't,) and each candle has added to the feeling of how special a birthday is. Your family and friends sing to you, they tell you to make a wish and then you sit there hoping that the candles won't melt all over trying to figuare out what your heart desires the most...
Is it those white roller skates, so that you can be Kira on Zanadu and roll around the rink and then Zanadu Hill with Jennifer, Stephanie and Kimmy? or is it the Flashdance soundtrack record that you really, really want when you are 14 years old? Or, is it just to have a great year with your family, loving them, desiring to see your brothers', sisters', mom, dad and aunt who live so far away and even though they call and make your day so much that more special you heart of hearts only desires to have that one day to hug and kiss them while you make that wish on your icecream cake????!!!!

Here are a few pics from parties I have had in the past: hope you enjoy it---

This is my 7 year old birthday- notice that fun cake...

my 8 year old birthday- notice the fun cake again!

Jennifer, me and Kimmie on my birthday! Ohh, Presents, I love Presents!!!
This is my 11 year old party.