Friday, July 06, 2007


For the Fourth of July we went to see our friends the Ritchie's while they were running their baseball booth at the Vernon Worthen Park. Which to me was a great idea since I suggested going here before Wally even called Matt. I love the festivities of going to parades, fairs, fireworks and concerts so I was a happy girl since I got to go to all but the parade! IT WAS SO HOT!!!! St. George was very smart and had alot of fun free activities at the festival besides the typical buy stuff, they had water sponge wars, watermelon spitting contests, slip and slides and a few smaller things like horse shoes for the family to do. I didn't get any pictures of these activities because I only had a few pictures left before we went home and I could transfer onto the computer. Bummer. Mom, are you proud of us that we remembered to wear our red t-shirts???!!!

Okay, here is the fun part of the day- the even hotter part. I packed a few cold things, some cheetos, and matt went and got Wendy's while I staked out our spot for the Kony Country Showdown- yes, sharon- country....I know, you don't like it.. sorry. But it is a tradition that when we are in town we go to this showdown. Last year we were in Florida and Devin's friend Delaney won this year the girl that won was great! The winner goes on to the regional showdown and then the nationals. This is a contest that help many famous country singers get their start.

It was fun, we had the gubler's with us. Matt's cousin Derrick was playing the drums and singing in the back-up band and when the sun set, it was very nice outside.

The fireworks were amazing!!! Not Disney, but awesome anyway. They were coming in two directions, the baseball field ahead of us and also the "dixie" mountain (not the D side.) The start of the firewords on the dixie mountain started as a curtain. Take a look below!