Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Disclaimer: Don't worry Sharon- I am not telling anything!

How many people were waiting with baited breath for this book? I believe it was in the millions. I preordered #7 so that it would be on my doorstep first thing in the morning! Well, first thing to some is midnight, to the UPS guy it was 11 a.m.! Okay, Okay, I will give the UPS man this- how can he deliver all books first thing in the morning- but seriously- i really wanted to read that book a few chapters before i was sitting in a car driving to Posey Lake.

Well, honestly- I still had book 5 and 6 to read (which i had read many times before,) before starting book 7 because I decided I needed a fresh prespective of the other two books. The goal for me was to read book 5 before seeing the movie, but i still had 2 chapters to go when we went to see the movie. The movie was good, but to me the books will always be the best!!

(this was written July 21st)


So, I finished 5 and 6 while i was on our little week vacation- the last two chapters of 6 at Diana's house while everyone was golfing on WII! I can only take some many video games, then i need a break...

I started and read the 1st chapter at Diana's that same night and then had to stop since I didn't have a book for the last part of the trip. When I got home Devin was already reading the book and so I confiscated it for 1 1/2 days, then gave it back when I was finished- and finished I am!!

Crazy thing is that after talking to my friend I realize that I missed a few things, so I am going to read book 7 again. But here is the catch- I am starting the whole series to the very end to get the continuous story. So I guess that will take a while, but I am up to the challenge on the times that I can find- now that we are getting ready for school to start!

Sharon- will you reach Book seven before me?! Here is my challenge! Are YOU up for it?

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