Saturday, September 08, 2007

Really do all kids need to be my height or taller?

So I have been working for almost a month. Here is a problem, that to me isn't a problem, but must be with those little munchkins (okay not little obviously,) who walk down the same hallways I do. A majority of them like to tell me that I either look like a student or am shorter than they are even with the wedges, the heels or sandals that I am wearing! AHHHHHHHHHHH! Why is it so funny to these kids that I am so short?!

I really do enjoy the job, but am sad that I am giving up my 2 class periods that I have been helping in since they didn't have any students for the study skills classes that I am going to be teaching in, but now they have a new aide to take my place and midterms have come out this Friday so I will have students supposeably on Monday. The classes that I have been helping in are amazing especially the 7th grade science class. Mr. Bozarth is amazing- if only I had had a teacher that did all the hands on stuff that he does. These kids get the hands on project, then they take notes on what they did, then they do the hands on project again to make it stick in their head. Then he reinforces the concepts right before he gives the quizes so that it really really sticks. I hope that Mckenna gets either him or his counterpart Mr. Huddleston (which both boys had,) because they are really good teachers!

Mrs. Larsen teaches geography I help in her class 1st period and then again 5th period. This last class is not going to be mine anymore since I am suppose to have study skills that period. Mrs. Larsen is really sad about this because most of the kids I have in 6th grade science 2nd or 3rd period so I have connected to them and they are really doing great! The new aide is really young and Mrs. Larsen and I have really hit it off, so it is going to be a big adjustment for her to have someone else with her, but what a compliment it is for me for her to keep begging that they just put the new aide in the study skills class instead of me! I really appreciate her mentoring and how comfortable she has made me feel in her classroom. Too me, it might be hard to have another person in my classroom helping since they will be different but we really work great together- I guess it is a good thing that I have her class 1st period too!

During 2nd and 3rd as I mentioned above I go to Mrs. Mackey's class. All teachers that I am working for except for Mr. Bozarth Devin had. Kyler had Mrs. Larsen he says but not any of the other teachers, he had other teachers which I can't even remember weird huh? but I can remember Devin having them. Maybe it is because Devin was the first one at this school and the first one to have a group of teachers.

Mrs. Mackey is a really fun teacher, she is very positive, she has one talkative class and one quiet class and the kids are really sweet to me. I don't only help my kids but the other kids if they need it too, so I am more like a Teacher's aide then a resource teacher.

The other teacher that I help Mrs. Twiggs. We use to live in her ward. Devin use to babysit their little boy (who is in 6th grade,) and her daughter Kim use to be one of the youngwomen in my class when I taught Beehives. She is very good at her job too, she gives really good instructions. Her challenge is that she has about 8 Hispanic students that don't speak very much english, and because of that and my 4 students she has two aides in her class, I think that is really hard for her. I try to keep to myself and not bother her, but the ESL aide sort of asks alot of questions and is kind of disruptive to her teaching environment. We are hoping that she starts to feel comfortable and not ask so much of both of us. I am suppose to help her kids too according to her, but Mrs. Twiggs finally encouraged her to take her kids out in a group to work on their packets so that there is not so much disruptance. I actually have to do the same thing with my kids in Mrs. Larsen's since we have such a large group!

But- so far so good! I am looking forward to seeing how the Study Skills classes go so I will keep you updated!