Monday, September 10, 2007


Did anyone Know that a Cataract in Georgraphy is A WATERFALL? Ahh, the things you learn in 6th grade Social Studies!! I guess that would explain a little bit about having a cataract on your eye- a film over your eye lens- a waterfall would be the same affect if you were standing behind it right?

Did you know that some kids (and me) remember that the term for heating and cooling is called Convection? I absolutely adore the way the 7th grade science teacher teachs his students! Too bad this Friday is my last day in that class.

Tomorrow is Parent Teacher Conference the kids leave school at 11 a.m. I stay til 1:15. What will I do for 2 hours and 15 minutes with no students? Well, we will see!

I am having so much fun learning with the kids and helping them to learn too! Are you getting tired of hearing about my school experiences? Sorry, but I can't help it- it is so fun! Maybe I just need to be a student all over again? Since the first time wasn't so fun....

Have a great night!