Wednesday, November 28, 2007

SPT Being Thankfull!

I love that Lelly always makes me think about things that are meant to be "deep" thoughts! I am thankful that she decided somewhere down the line to have her blog and that we as her SPT Crew are able to benefit from her daring and fun Spotlights!
my shadow picture didn't turn out since I have a new camera and didn't actually set the darn thing right. Iwill upload a new one soon! Sorry.

The Fall season always make me think of the renewal that our lives can go through stepping into the Holiday season.

Usually when you think of renewal, most would think of Spring and yes, I do think of Spring,but more often I think of Fall because this is the time of year that you can shed all our tired layers, and start over, in the way that we deal with our fellow man, with the way that we look at life in the simple things and the deep aspects of our lives. As we start the Christmas season we are reminded that we all started out as babies, we have eternal potential, we have a most wonderful example of the Savior and how we should treat each other.

So my top item to be thankful for is that we have a chance to change in every aspect of our lives if it need be, through the the blessings that are given to us from Above.

Here are the other things that I am THANKFUL for:

My Family who has always stood by me;

My dad- who sacrificed so much for his kids to be raised in a better world and gives us all the love in the world!

My Mom- who has loved me no matter what attitude I gave her when we first came to be and for her quiet, loving ways of being an example of what a loving mother should be and the model that I have always followed of how to "play" with my kids!

For Matt who puts up with all the quirks that i have, when I get upset, and than loves me even more and stops the complaints by giving hugs and kisses!

Gene and Mike for showing me that older brothers always protect their little sister.

Sharon for being the greatest example of being happy, being excepting of all people she comes in contact with and always being the peacemaker in our family.

Diana for her love off all things jazz (this has taught me how to be loyal- now matter what happens!), her zest for cleaning (i always say to myself does it need to be clean- yes, what in the world would Diana say if she came into my kitchen today!) and for always wanting to learn about new things!

Devin for his zest for life, his love to his brother and sister (especially his monkey,) His ever changing brain thoughts of why the Redsox are so great, and his goals of what his life will be like when he hits the path he is on.

Kyler for his Humor, for his snuggles, His love of all aspects of learning, Feeling comfortable just being at home but also loving to be with his friends, for the fact that he can still be a little boy in a very grown-up world and even for the disgusted sarcastic humor that he gives when he doesn't want to do what he is asked to do. And for those darn Nike (?) sneaker styles that he has compulsively worn for the last 5 years! :>

For Mckenna who makes me wonder where she came from since I was such a tomboy and she is such a girly girl, the talents that she has for making friends, dancing and making you wish you could, the long beautiful blond hair that she has and know how she wants it styled everyday! For the love she has for her brothers and how much she is my bestfriend.

For My 2 best friends, Andrea- who makes life more fun than it needs to be sometimes, and Lisa, who is just like having an older sister who you love to do things with.

My new friend Patrice- who is a great sounding board, shares her spiritual strength with me and mother's my boys when they don't want to me be around me but sends them back with a better understanding of who i am, and most of all who takes me on great horseback rides even in the freezing cold!

For the Beautiful House that we are able to live in that has been a dream come true- it provides all the light and sunshine that I crave, the space that the kids need to hang out with their friends, the coziness that I love and the walls to provide my decorating brainstorms.

I am blessed that Matt has the job he does, that we can do the things we do as a family!

Small things I am thankful for:

My roses, the flowers on my decks.

The beautiful view of my backyard- yes, it is not the ocean BUT it is beautiful!

The ocean and the Bay view that my parents have- I am thankful that they are able to have the life that they have, that they live where they choose because of great choices in their lives!

My children's laughs.

Little children playing.

The smiles that occur when one of my student's accomplish something that seemed so hard for them but then finally click!

The eyes that look at me when Matt wakes up in the morning and then I get to see them 3 more times soon after on other little faces!

My gratitude journal (which hasn't been touched as much as it should be!)

The sound of bird singing in the sunshine.

The smell of freshly mowed lawns.

The first snow fall (even though I don't want to drive in it.)

Temple Square at Christmas time, but really at anytime!

The smell of the pine wreath hanging on my front door.

My warm bed and the room that it sits in!

The freedoms that we are able to have, for example: being able to go to the church we want, the thoughts that we have and are able to express without retribution.

These and many more things are what I am thankful for!