Thursday, August 07, 2008

SYTYCD Day before and Finale!!!

Well, tomorrow is the big day- who will win? Will it be Joshua, Twitch, Katie or Courtney? Who did you vote for? We watched it a little later, so Mckenna was scrambling to get to the phone after we finished watching so that she could put in her 50 votes for one of those amazing hiphoppers! Well, okay so she voted for the one that could do everything- hum which one was told that. Do you remember?

Needless to say, every single one of the dancers this season were amazing in their genre, but even more amazing was the fact that after the first 10 left the top 10 were more amazing than any of the dancers from the last 2 years (sorry, to those of you that loved travis, danny and benji or sabre because i loved danny and travis too,) they just were more driven! But what is the 4real thing all about? Does it bother anyone that they keep doing the upside down m on there shoulders. I haven't seen the website to see what it means so I guess i should check it out, but it's way to overdone! okay, so i just checked it out and supposeable it was an inside joke between comfort, will, joshua and twitch about this being season 4. something like that....

so, I guess this actually didn't publish- bummer.

Well, the big day is here. So--- I'm curious.... did who you thought should win, win? why don't you share how you feel about America's choice. Come one give me an earfull!

Kenna and I were very excited for Joshua!
But, I am also disappointed to an extent! I loved that he was in a daze, but wonderful Twitch was so adorable with Joshua when he won, and it seemed that Joshua was so into his shock that he didn't even acknowledge Twitch at all- I felt so bad for Twitch! But of course there always has to be a runner up. Seriously, it is just he was so kind and sweet to everyone else, i really wanted someone besides Cat to be the one to give him a hug. do you know what I mean?

Well, we can't always get what we want can we?